When Are You Really Going To Travel?

Many of us are eager to express our desire to travel, spewing the slightest interest without a moments hesitance. Of all the possibilities to explore, how could one choose! Yet, how many of us actually set out and do it? Enjoying the excitement is one thing; the act of traveling, another.

We either travel or we travel not. The only middle ground being the transition between the two, we are travelers or something quite different. We give many reasons, yet all mischievous under intent. If you're real about this, let's not meet our end just yet.


Another word for never. If we don't set our priorities straight now, when will we? Everything comes down to this moment, and what we make of it. If travel is destined in your course, you'll do so now. There is no finer time than our awareness here in this fabric of time.

Get back on track

Bring out your planners, and write out a physical memento. Often times it's when we visualize our ideas that we build our next steps in momentum. We engage with our true intentions, or revive what was once lost. By getting it out of your head, it becomes an opportunity to change and alter at will.

What's holding you back?

Don't bring up any excuses. Cut the filth from your life, and fixate on what's truly important. Are you going to travel or not? Make it work, or it won't happen.

Everything you think is a set back is just a weakness you must overcome; a hidden flaw poking its head out. Work on yourself, until you're able in mind and spirit to undergo the change of your life.

What do you need?

Money? Time? How about desire. As long as your courage to face your truth remains intact, every resource comes together in pursuit of your objectives. Stay driven, stay focused, and all else follows your path as you create it.

Will you give up everything to travel?

Would you? The real question is whether you'd have the intention to do it. You can talk all you want and daydream about it, but are you a traveler? Would you be able to rid yourself of everything to do it? Not every one has to, but knowing your own limits paints the picture of your future adventures.

You're Never Ready

You can plan all you want, but until you start taking action towards traveling, you'll never do it. Every action is one step closer, and each step must be taken to embark the trail. So stop waiting, and get out there already!