What's Travel?

As simple as it appears, we're led to misconstrued paths on what travel really is. So let's look at the fundamentals to gain a better sense of it.

What You Think Travel Is

Spend a moment and ask yourself: what comes to mind first when you think of travel? Extrapolating from all we know or have seen in this life, it may appear transcendental for you. That is, an experience beyond what you have had, but strive to create.

Covering the desert plains by foot, rolling down the sand dunes and feeling the sun's breath down your sparse clothing, finally resting upon an extraordinary carpet of divine beauty. Or perhaps backpacking Nordkette, racing against the chill of the night and embracing a days exhaustion before witnessing a hunger beyond satisfaction. Even further, seducing your tongue to the myriad tastes of local cuisine as you dine with a newfound friend, sharing your unique experiences and paths.

It's a sweetened projection of the connections and potentials yet to be realized. In short: idealization.

What Travel Actually Is

Hands down, no fluff, travel is a novelty factor of the moment. What makes travel so appealing? It's new, fresh, lively. Jump starting our life into the edge, it's no wonder we find great satisfaction.

Riding a bike down a crowded street, everything beyond the moment vanishes. Into a cloud that raises out of our view, we soar along a mix of animated people and bizarre smells. Hands gripped tight, rubber tense, feet planted to the peddle, you're one with the environment; living with every internal and external stimulus. Dropping us into the moment, we are accelerated into the zone: an inducement of chemical flurries, feeling the pulse of our bodies at its highest.

We give presence to the sharply, round, and daring faces we pass. The worker's worn shoes, laces ripped and torn. The hunch of an elderly man, and glimpse of time. The shift of winds pushing and pulling you, whiffs of mesmerizing perfume, and babies laughter drawing your attention.

The moment is our portal to travel. All the newness we partake in can only be experienced when engaged. Letting life fly by us, we reap nothing but a stale discourse of our past. Entering the portal of the moment, you always return with more; not of superfluity, but of positive growth. Therefore the change we then enact originates as one of mind and over matter.

Travel Persists Through Space

If travel is merely a process or motion we carry through, then it can be initiated by mindfulness wherever we are or what we do. Exploring the hidden phenomenon of our world, we may encounter novelty within a book or the purest mental landscape of our imagination. By crossing the boundaries we set for ourselves, we enter into a new world with paths brought to life by our creative prowess.

You might wonder how you might travel in your mind, but it's in your awareness to yourself and your responses to what's experienced. Is travel any different? You're complex and always changing. A little self awareness goes a long way as you pave way to more understanding. New thoughts spring up, new ideas and realizations occur, shifting your direction in life at a moments notice.

Your Ordinary Is Another's Travel

What we are accustomed to leads to a life of sightlessness. The more and more you experience the same things, the more you let it from your vision. You commit a ritual suicide by letting your daily trivialities slide by, but this is precisely what others come to experience!

Everyday locals may set out on a small expedition to the nearest water well, but in their familiarity, forgo smelling the breeze of a thousand flowers, or hear the small thuds and hops of sprouting bunnies. Focused on the task at hand, the moment is lost. Knowing that travel is here and now, we can travel at anytime and anywhere.

Getting Started

First things first, be mindful. Why do you think you must get out there and travel? The urge for novelty is to be distracted in your boredom and misdirection.

Regain your presence by engaging into the present moment. From there, connect the dots on what you're experiencing. It's unique to the situation you're in, time and place. The rest falls upon your determination to live fully, and persist.