How To Have The Perfect Work/Life Balance

Many rival between the separation of work and their personal lives: always trying to make it work, spending so much time, and accomplishing nothing. When you break it down we realize: it's all a load of bullshit.

There is no work/life balance

The very idea is innately distracting and narrows your vision. Originating as a default  assumption within our culture, we've taken a hold of it and completely blown it out of proportion. We for whatever reason, accept less of ourselves, and seek to bounce back and forth between a non-existent duo. The reality is that it's only your life at stake here. Nothing else. You're either pursuing your life, or you're not.

But, It Gives Me All This Stuff! 

Stop pretending that following the tangents of others is somehow worthwhile in comparison to its offerings. There are no benefits when it comes down to your personal freedom, growth, and service to the world, when you're sacrificing the very heart of itself! 

I'll Make Time For Myself

Leaving work and chasing your true desires is to split ourselves. We must always strive to bridge the gap between what we separate as work, and life, if we will ever be able to abolish it's false pretense.

Where our conflict resides we may begin pushing the battlefront to an end by facing ourselves in reflection: Are you really commited to your mission? Your own prosperity, and glory? If you were, truly, then everything comes together in service of your vision. Work falls away in its unimportance, outshined by your force of life. We are unable to live life fully when submitting to work. To deny yourself is to perpetuate the lie, and spread it's filth. Don't live it.

I Can't Just Quit

You know what is right and what is wrong. To stick put and stay within your comfort zone is self-defeating. Get out there, be the person you want to be. Period. Don't give up and accept what comes to you. Take charge of your life and determine your own steps.

Having Somewhere To Be

Often work requires of us to be somewhere. We must be here, at this time, for this occasion... a never ending leash grappled around our worn down necks. Why not keep going? What happens when you commit to yourself and visions?

Step over the line, see what happens. By removing the limits we relish in the freedom of our wandering. So many options reveal themselves to us with the universe conspiring in our favor, surging us forward like never before. Everything we can do is made with all the right choices when embracing life for what it is. The only wrong one, is to deny your own potential. It's up to you.