Destined for Destination

Our direction and willingness to keep seeking through the guidance of a future path summons our visioned destination. Without the conscious decision to make a change, no way emerges, and all paths come to an end. 

We must instill within ourselves the devotion to self-renewal. Pinpointing our movement and where we're drawn determines our direction. From there, adjustment is made by steering between that which is within bounds and out of bounds. Seeing where you're going overcomes short term obstacles by reducing their relevance, shrinking in its triviality.

To remain on your path once created is an arduous journey and the heart of one's character. You either make it or break it through the middle stage.

Make the choice, stick to it, and see where you're going. That's it. Conquer anything and everything. To follow through with self renewal terminates all boundaries clouded by an unfocused mind.