Creating a Website - 3 Pros and Cons of Squarespace

Want to make your own website? As with any hosting platform for your website, they come in a variety of benefits and frustrations. We chose Squarespace, and hope to expand on your knowledge of whether it's a good choice for you or not. To make things simple, we'll tackle it through a pro and cons list.



Beautiful to look at, taking the pain out of having to manually create your design from scratch. Saves you plenty of time during start up by skipping ahead from the get-go.

With many templates at your disposal, you'll have an easy time picking what's right for you, and that's quick to set up. With the click of a button you can change your template and begin customizing it.


Simple, effortless. A clean interface means accessible for you and your audience by focusing on your content. Has everything you could need, and many additional tools waiting for your disposal, but not cluttering your way.

Streamlined Service

Quick to set up and get going, it gets straight to business. No strain on your eyes as you read post after post on how to set a website up; Squarespace gets it right from domain to finished product. Everything is laid out, and any necessary help is already set up.

Integration between social platforms and other services between commerce, blogging or showcasing your artistic flair, are all available and quite simple to use. No needed plugins or third parties, they have it ready for you.


The Price

For short: costy. A majority of hosts offer fairer prices, at the trade off of time to get going. Over 300 dollars a year may be cheap to some, but when your blog is not your main source of revenue, it's not cheap. This all depends on your needs of course, but prices still go up for more.

Difficult to Customize

While seemingly contradictory, it's not. Breaking away from the mold they present you, customizing your own design becomes quite difficult. Squarespace is great to get you going with their shortcuts, but you're unable to edit the HTML yourself. If you're the one to tinker around to the finest detail, it may be best elsewhere.

App Needs Work

Incredibly challenging to navigate and edit your posts on mobile than it is on a PC. In this day and age of mobile computing, there's no need to have limitations where you need it most: on the go. With no access to a computer, creating content becomes an issue that you don't want.

Also without internet connectivity, there's no way to save your work. You have to write in other apps, and paste it in; that is, if you can. There's bad glitches where you can't paste without the sharpest of reflexes, and even if you do, you must reformat everything. Without anything but text, you'll still have to correct format issues that spawn from nowhere at all, taking more time to post to your site. 

The app is a huge trade off of the time saved in the creation of your website. Who wants to spend the rest of their time devoted to small issues after? 


All in all, we recommend it for its simplicity and as a step forward on the learning curve. Hope you enjoyed this, and be sure to share your experience with us if you have anything to add!