the moment

Spend Less Energy On The Naming Of Things, And More Time On The Experience Of Them

As human beings, our minds are driven to categorize all things. From grocery lists, race, sexual preference, or how you tie your shoelaces, it's a process we all spend energy doing.

Often we become so engrossed in creating these categories or differentiating between everything that we forgo the awareness for the very things that they are. 

Experience Gives Us Energy

The further we let things be as they may, and accept them for how they are, the burden of categorizing depletes itself. All that spent energy is now reinvigorated into our mind and body. With more time to devote to what's important, we reach our goals without haste.

Defining What Something Is Distracts Us

Whether a relationship or debate with a friend, honing down to the essential crisis only seperates us from experiencing it first hand. By taking it away and figuring it out, we in effect project ourselves, as if trying to place a square into a triangle. It's limiting. Also taking us out of the moment, we lose the inherent value in all things.

Missing out on what's before us riddles us a mystery of our existence.  To not exist is not left up to defining what is or isn't, for it is to be interacted with during our time here. We live it, experience it, and embrace it, or whatever it may be. It doesn't have to fit anything.

Experience Is Openminded

There is no black and white; this or that.  Everything is open for interpretation, and there is a lot to interpret. We expand our minds, seeing where things naturally go, rather than forcing it down an awkward path just to meet our expectations. 

Instead of "What Am I Doing?", ask:  Am I doing? Being something that we are, we can let go of surplus entanglements.

We Try To Match Naming Conventions

Always trying to live up to titles and other values, we miss out on who we are. Almost like being programmed to expect an outcome, we sacrifice our own values to reach another. It goes unnoticed, even when paying attention, for it lurks beneath our motives by being a base knowledge. We must relearn what we know, and plant a new field to harvest.

Alas, The Art Of Doing 

Just be. See, do, hear and feel. Let things come, then go, as all things are in a flux of change. What more need there to be?




Why Wander? To See With Eyes Which Cannot See

There are many ways to spend our days, and biking is one of them. Over a hundred miles today entirely around San Diego was one way to internal and external immersion.

Delved into the assorted communites, stretching beyond tight-nit groups into something much larger. The shift in space is like teleporting into another dimension. You place yourself into fresh perspectives with every entrance and exit, passing through time and carrying onto the next voyage, a remarkable change.

How It Began

The day spiraled in a looming cloud. Fog wherever the eye could see, breath roaring into the wind. Every push of the peddle emerged a new reality ahead, existing only temporarily as it vanished behind. Awareness of the present moment honed down to its core, everything was simple.

Breaking It's Hold

Reaching to the outer side, managed to pervade it's grasp into the next path: the silver strand. Stretching for miles along the coast of ocean breeze, a man-made link between islands presents itself.

It was here that I came to the first road block, but it was not the road. A flat tire reared its head. Swiveling the bike this way and that, clunking up and down, I became a buoy without an anchor.

Loss of Identity

What's a biker without a bike? Whizzing by were the sounds of biker groups charting course for the distant path. With a decommissioned object at my feet, I had been chained to my bike not wanting to ditch it.

Had to walk it back to the nearest shop. Only, it was three miles away. It was a walk of defeat, considering I repaired the tubes just the week prior. With no parts, I was unprepared, stripped to the bottom. And every step was inverse to the destined path.

What you have can change at a moments notice.  From this moment or the next, they take us through what we must face.

Regained Purpose

Reached the shop and put the bike under repair. With the 30 minute wait, walked to the nearest park. Like a sanctuary for the mind, parks draw me in. Removing my shoes and socks, felt the moist ground beneath me, grass itching up between my toes. 

Looking up, saw two individuals dangling from the trees with satin red cloth. Tugging and twisting it around their feet, they performed an elegant display of balance and control as if floating by an inner power.

Whether semblance of control or not, having power over mind and body allows wondrous feats. Without a tree to hang, they'd be no less what they're doing.

These skills, or biking, are infused with our being. They await our intent and use, for when the time comes. It becomes a test of will to embody our actions in the physical world, altered from our thoughts.

Away from the shop, the bike ceased to be a problem. The more rooted in the time of now, the more one connects to themselves and an absence of itself. Teetering between moments, our mind wanders to meet its crucial pivot point: the many paths we take, all leading in the same direction.

A New Path

No longer dwelling on the past and reengaging the present, the bike was returned to its original state, but I came back with a new intention: to go up instead of down.

Riding across Coronado beating the traffic, met up with the ferry. She is the bridge between lands, coming and going, having no end. Embarking downtown San Diego threw us into the heart of a crowd. Swishing between it's people, a path was laid out. So I followed it.

And Here We Are

Through endless streets of people, they came in all shapes, sizes, and color; from noble to peasant; clean to filth; I had ended at the public library.

Around it's security patrol and glaring windows were homeless men and women, and some children working for their next meal. At the corner of the lot were another kind of people. Those that enticed the shadows of our highest characters, shattered to their core, into a sexual pleasure exchange. A rocking car with tinted windows, and men guarding their earnings. 

Of a place harboring knowledge, the boundary between an unknowing and knowing within us outshines all else. Our every choice and direction end in the path we take, and some best not taken. 

Into Another World  

Stepping off the bike and onto the shores of this location brought everything to the same level. No longer whooshing by and observing, I became another living vessel within the scene.

Walking through and up it's stairs, sit many at tables with beings staring into screens. Whole lines of computers being used for games and mindless distractions, meanwhile their bodies decay, mind wanders, and spirit withers into dust. One of the same as those outside, as inside.

Make no mistake, there were the few and bold who withstood their ground, accepting no less than their potential and made use of the resources before them now and for their futures. But as it was, even in the midst of all ever-knowing potential, our minds may cloud and blind us before it. Those that reach through the clouds are animating the divine, giving presence to forces beyond ourselves and breathing life into what matters.

The Big Bang

Having set up notebook and pen at the go, I wrote and wrote about all the trivialities the mind goes, seeing what it's made of. With what seemed like a gripping tension between fingers and ink, and blood vessels squeezing throughout my body, I heard something.

A drum of sorts, popping in and out of my mind. I stopped writing; picking up the winds of change. Packing everything up with ever so much more to write, I engaged my curiosity and saught after the banging behind the bookshelves.

What revealed itself was the wall of computers and sloths at their front. And there it was again: the bang. This time, it wasn't just a bang, but banging. I've drawn closer, yet this wouldn't do. I turned the nearest corner and onwards the across vicinity and I found it. A distant roar calling out itself, giving birth to an idea it beholds: a performance of dance.

The Arts Become A Doorway

Seemingly random moments take our breath away. For it gives us a new breathe to impart, living fully and embracing our core fears and triumphant conquests.

Those that take hold of their minds, not to control but to guide, step into this deep knowningness of our universal experience. The big picture is linked to us in small expressions of our creativity and indulgence into substance beyond ourselves. It's here that we connect and bring real change to the flux of our lives.

Viewing the spectacle, I witnessed a movement of wonder and natural flow. Vanquished into the present, the viewers and I remained giddy yet silent, subserving to what's taking place. There's nothing else that need be done, or said, for it simply is itself, being what it may.

The World Runs It's Course

The sloths remain in their place, and a timeless performance plays just underneath. Tuning it out as background was ignorance to the divine rythmn. So deep in their ways, nothing bulges. This was a reminder of a lifetime: to not sit idle tuned out to the world, but to instead embrace it with a force to live. Everyone has eyes and ears and mouths, but not everyone sees, listens, and tastes the depth of their reach. Let us strive to be the one who does.

Hiking as a Practice of the Moment

Hiking aids us to let go and be free. 

It has a beginning and an end. When embarking the trail, one may ease into the moment at hand knowing the end will come. There's no need to worry or draw out diverging thoughts, for this is a time for clarity. With every step, one can be open to the experience around, taking things as they come into our view. 

The experience we immerse ourselves into becomes an engagement with the basic nature of all things. We see the world with fresh eyes in mindfulness, with no projection. It's all a process of intaking the new that we may later use to fuel our fire.

In this new cycle, we recharge our perspective on what's important. We may finally disband all the pressure built up by which has lingered in our thoughts, and incorporate the spark of novelty with our redeveloped self. By cleansing our mind, we become free with no constraints, and nature becomes our gateway to transformation.