Going From Selfish to Selfless

As the saying goes: You can't pour water from an empty cup. We all know the truth to this. There are times in our lives where we are stuck, tredding water around us only to sink to an endless bottom. Unable to fill our own cups, we take from others not in violence, but in our gasping for air. To be empty is painful, and lashing out is our cry for the disdain we're facing.

There's a Reason for Everything

All cups are made for a purpose: to be filled, and emptied. Neither shall be good nor bad, for both will always exist. The shift between these states shouldn't cause an alarm, for we know they are to happen. As one drinks, the cup empties. And as the cup empties, we may begin once more, filling. 

Knowing is the First Step

It's in this process of give and take that we may rise our awareness to the brittle balance of our lives, and instill a mindfulness practice to maintain our cups. Knowing where our cup resides is our key to unlocking the right frame of mind, and how to go about it.

When Empty

While some may consider an approach of sticking to ourselves first before others selfish, we know that it is only ourselves that are in control of our own lives. 

When we are not in control, and our cup is empty, it takes tremendous strength and courage to tackle yourself. It should be a time for celebration that you know the state you are in, and knowing you need time for yourself. Thank goodness that you're looking after someone, even if it's yourself.

Start Filling

We can only spend attention on one thing at a time. If it's ourselves, let it be us.

We need to consistently work on ourselves, and seek knowledge and truth, while living a healthy lifestyle. What a burden that can be. And to duplicate the effort for others, quite the undertaking!

It begins with ourselves, but ends in sharing ourselves. As we spend attention on our own means to alleviate needs first, we must realize others will come at their time. This becomes then, an act of selflessness. We improve ourselves so that we may assist others as well.

Getting Heavier

The more we fill, the more that we may bring for others. It is here that if left untouched, we may pour too much and cause overflow. Not knowing what to do with it, we become a mess. Wasted efforts get lost, and others lose out too.

We have to know when enough is enough. When are we full? There's no reason to say you can't share without being to the tip of the brim. Its up to you, and your level of desire to overcome selfishness. Wait, and you'll expend; too early, and you run dry yourself.

Sharing is Caring  

When we have surplus, it's but a simple choice to give away. If we are truthful in our fullness, we know when we can give or not. With enough focus on ourselves, we generate the river down the mountain, spreading it's fill for everyone below. A steady flow gives, and keeps giving. We must not fear becoming selfish, when keeping our cup empty betrays everything we stand for.

Sometimes people think that doing what they want is self-centered and conceited. It's quite the opposite. When unable to fill yourself first, our dark desires take hold. We might feel slightly frustrated and reflect that discomfort upon others, subconsciously if not intently. A hungry lion is much different than a well fed one. Let us be well fed, and not rampage in our hunger.

Onwards Selflessness

To be accountable for ourselves is to free others of our hunger. Until we fill, we must let those under or over our wing, know that me time, is you time. Only when we have more to share can we enliven each other in our highest pursuits, and so we shall.