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What Does It Mean To Be More Conscious?

To be more conscious requires of us to persist towards it every single day. We can't leave the pursuit behind for anything, and must integrate it into our lense of the world. Unless every action we commit to has been purposefully chosen, we detour into unconsciousness.

The Duality of Consciousness and Unconsciousness

We are either being concious, or drifting into unconciousness. If we are to be able to remain in one over the other for an extended period, we must understand what they each yield to us.

What It Means To Be Unconscious

Your Avoidance Spirals Into Ignorance

You choose to be ignorant. Everyone is given access to the expanse of the world, yet many fail to see it for what it can be. You just stop caring, and that's the epitome of self-neglect.

Staying comfortable in not knowing the answers, just because you may not like them, is never the right path to take. The world will soon move on without you, as you wither away in apathy. You then are fighting for a lost cause, wasting what time you do have to make an impact.

Too Comfortable

Staying on the easy path is a dead end. No one remembers the one who sticks to their ways, staying behind as others chart the next course.

Doing the same things because you're good at them is stagnating. Nothing changes. Your mind becomes crippled in a false mirage of the world, getting dimmer and dimmer until burning out. The day is on repeat, and you no longer live, but go through the motions. Eventually you're not moving anymore, and decay into a pile of dust.

Seeking quick pleasures

In absence of the spark of life, you seek to claim it under different circumstances of quick-fix gimmicks and tricks. Your body depreciates with a lack of true nutrients and taste of the world's riches.

These short term pleasures become distracting from the way of the world. You end up disembodied from your environment and losing your presence.  All actions are returned with no value, and you're drained of vitality.

Now after taking a look at being unconscious, we may begin pushing the boundaries to the other side.

What It Means To Be Conscious

You're Alive and Questioning

You're hungry for knowledge. The desire to know more keeps you up at night, and gives you the urge to wake up early. The stars shine crystal clear, birds chirp with a crisp, and you feel the scurry of the life teeming underneath your feet.

Everything opens to you, giving more possibility and vibrancy to every choice you make. To get here, simply learn one more thing that you didn't the last. You'd be surprised how quickly it adds up. Not only does it compound the further in you go, once indepth, you'll see how inspiring it becomes to share your discoveries with others. We become a transmitter of the knowledge we learn, creating real change around us.

You Live With Discontentment

It's not only okay to be discontent, but to be discontented means you've tried to reach out for something. Always extending yourself to the next endeavour whatever it may be, is the process of growth. Planting your seed is the first step, but to continually water it is the grind of our days.

Placing ourselves into new situations is the hallmark for adversity and change. Only when you remove your walls and open yourself to different potentials may you find true improvement.

You Make Life Happen, Rather Than Reacting

Life becomes an art of collaboration, integration and creative manipulation. With the fabric of space at your finger tips, all is available for your intent. Not sucummbing to the whim of external circumstances, we become our own guide and that of others.

The changes we make are fresh and alive. Using the knowledge we gain, further roads are paved under warm footsteps. We walk the path we talk, having no disparity or split ego. In living up to our standards by facing the hardest choices, we make all the right choices

Going From Selfish to Selfless

As the saying goes: You can't pour water from an empty cup. We all know the truth to this. There are times in our lives where we are stuck, tredding water around us only to sink to an endless bottom. Unable to fill our own cups, we take from others not in violence, but in our gasping for air. To be empty is painful, and lashing out is our cry for the disdain we're facing.

There's a Reason for Everything

All cups are made for a purpose: to be filled, and emptied. Neither shall be good nor bad, for both will always exist. The shift between these states shouldn't cause an alarm, for we know they are to happen. As one drinks, the cup empties. And as the cup empties, we may begin once more, filling. 

Knowing is the First Step

It's in this process of give and take that we may rise our awareness to the brittle balance of our lives, and instill a mindfulness practice to maintain our cups. Knowing where our cup resides is our key to unlocking the right frame of mind, and how to go about it.

When Empty

While some may consider an approach of sticking to ourselves first before others selfish, we know that it is only ourselves that are in control of our own lives. 

When we are not in control, and our cup is empty, it takes tremendous strength and courage to tackle yourself. It should be a time for celebration that you know the state you are in, and knowing you need time for yourself. Thank goodness that you're looking after someone, even if it's yourself.

Start Filling

We can only spend attention on one thing at a time. If it's ourselves, let it be us.

We need to consistently work on ourselves, and seek knowledge and truth, while living a healthy lifestyle. What a burden that can be. And to duplicate the effort for others, quite the undertaking!

It begins with ourselves, but ends in sharing ourselves. As we spend attention on our own means to alleviate needs first, we must realize others will come at their time. This becomes then, an act of selflessness. We improve ourselves so that we may assist others as well.

Getting Heavier

The more we fill, the more that we may bring for others. It is here that if left untouched, we may pour too much and cause overflow. Not knowing what to do with it, we become a mess. Wasted efforts get lost, and others lose out too.

We have to know when enough is enough. When are we full? There's no reason to say you can't share without being to the tip of the brim. Its up to you, and your level of desire to overcome selfishness. Wait, and you'll expend; too early, and you run dry yourself.

Sharing is Caring  

When we have surplus, it's but a simple choice to give away. If we are truthful in our fullness, we know when we can give or not. With enough focus on ourselves, we generate the river down the mountain, spreading it's fill for everyone below. A steady flow gives, and keeps giving. We must not fear becoming selfish, when keeping our cup empty betrays everything we stand for.

Sometimes people think that doing what they want is self-centered and conceited. It's quite the opposite. When unable to fill yourself first, our dark desires take hold. We might feel slightly frustrated and reflect that discomfort upon others, subconsciously if not intently. A hungry lion is much different than a well fed one. Let us be well fed, and not rampage in our hunger.

Onwards Selflessness

To be accountable for ourselves is to free others of our hunger. Until we fill, we must let those under or over our wing, know that me time, is you time. Only when we have more to share can we enliven each other in our highest pursuits, and so we shall.



Our idea of self improvement is recaptured as self-renewal, and we'll go into specifics herein. The betterment of oneself in this case can be viewed in three disparate ways: indulgent, generating, and self renewal.


Efforts made to improve oneself and oneself only. This focus radiates its strength in independence. Bringing attention to what one is doing, thinking, and feeling, allows one to observe themselves at a distance. Impersonal and detached in ones viewing, they discover themselves from inside out. This is the first stage of our being. As a default we monitor only our role in the flux of life, giving no thought to the outer world in its seeming unconnectivity. What we do gain, is a harmonized consistency. Always on the lookout for what's relevant to our closest needs, we continue a cycle of temporary fulfillment. Limited in scope by not fully embracing the world, the object of this stage is protection. In the end, self-indulgence leads into isolation. To move into the next stage one must escape their own limitations and move from isolation into the real world by internalizing an open mind for indifference.


The second stage is the time in our life that we shift our thoughts into action beyond ourselves. By overcoming our short sightedness, we create and bring joy to our interaction with others. The object is to cultivate a gradiation between the inner and out worlds. Instead of a black and white palette, color breathes life into our pursuits. Every step and action is taken with a reference for totality. We bring with us the capability linked from our indulgence and translate results for others. Driven to see a new horizon of perception, we experience the plethora of indifference to ourselves and adapt to new circumstances. Ultimately the stage of change and connection. What is generated springs forth from personal involvement in the livelihood of another. Not of self-indulgence but other-indulgence. In causing the development of the outer world, we often ignore ourselves as a self-sacrifice. Amending to external events, we reshape ourselves to fit into shapes unknown to us. It is here where we lose connection with our core and values, becoming a mix and match of myriad choices that push us astray.


With this, we suggest a third stage. After one indulges into themself, and steers into the outer world to generate results for others, we come to the act of self renewal: the continual process of inner change, gifting ones learning to others, and remaining within the scope of this process. It's a commitment to change, forward thinking, and gifting our greatest strengths for the benefit of all (ourselves included). Any moment is a time for our attention. We act on the best interest of all, encompassing values beyond ourselves. Into this sacred place we persist towards the pursuit of changing our mindset to remain open and aware. It's in our fixation for positive experiences, and avoidance from the negative that we forget our real intentions in striving for an ideal. We must rise to every occasion with balance, and intent. Henceforth, let us declare to commit to go all the way and gift ourselves, and reach our ideals in the process.