Why The Hardest Choices Are Our Only Choices

When we think of our hardest choices, the first thought is of suffering. Being put into the spotlight, with nowhere to run or hide, we teeder-todder between extreme after extreme. These are the changes that disrupt our flow, our current way of life. A grueling emotion sets in during the moment that we must face the inevitable. All one needs to do is muster up the courage to achieve into the beyond, yet the mind drifts elsewhere. Anywhere but there! Return to me, my haven of illusionment!

We all know truest to ourselves that staying in the groove of comfort gets us nowhere. Walking the same pace, carrying out our daily lives with the same patterns, we grow old and wary without positive change. Our bodies slowly decline in a manner we can predict. No suprises, no fork in the road. Our eyes begin to sag, skin wrinkles, and hair topples to the very soil we set foot. What comes easy leads to inevitable mastery, yet mastery leads to stagnancy beyond its repetitive focus. To remain under growth we must seek the next challenge: the hard choices.

If we are to upgrade our lives, if we seek beyond our current stasis, then we must face novelty with an iron fist. Take the next step forward in the direction of your dreams, transforming a fuzzy impression in your mind into a concrete change. It'll be hard to leave the soft and smooth zone of comfort; It begs and pulls you into a slumber. Resist! Difficulty is growth; struggle, improvement.

We could all decline and submit to our pleasures in this sensate world, though you know the end of it: nothing becomes of it! Keeping up our nutrition is a daily fight, combating against our nature's core intent vs the learned alternatives. When we get hungry, we drool to the idea of sugary and fatty snacks, but it is nutrition that we so desire underneath it all.

We feel the need to justify our cravings immediately with quick snacks and diversions. The hardest decision is quite the contrary: the simplest. We know we desire nutrition, so we must wait till we may obtain it. We don't sacrifice our ideal of greater health when ultimately anything else would set us apart. However it is the grind of gears working within each and everyone of us, where ideas and thoughts collide for how we should eat, work, or play, that we define ourselves by taking the hardest path.

The simple and easy path is merely having no path at all! You drift aimlessly and never meet your mark. Forging the change you deeply desire is drawn from your most resisted comfort, breaking way for the hard choices. If anything, the easy denotes the very animalistic essence of our species. We drive on impulse, and nothing else. It's your choice. Be the animal, or be the living ideal you envision yourself as.

Facing A Consumerist World

There's shops and items for purchase everywhere. At what point do you decide to draw the line, when enough is enough? We're led to believe we need to buy, buy, buy, for it is all we see. From billboards to seating advertisements, the world is permeated by an invitation for consumption.

With every problem comes a solution, and we think these short term fixes will enlighten us, or lift our burdens from us. They don't. We all know the reality of this: no matter how much we accumulate, we never feel better for ourselves; if anything, worse.

Understand what your problems are. What you'll see is that they aren't matters of material posessions, but a core deviation from your own source: mental, and internal struggles.

Wasting money into a fleeting object has no internal value. Therefore we're left to ourselves. If it supports our growth now and later, we know it has innate value for us. By understanding what is truly valuable in our life, for others, and all beings, we can reinterpret money for its use.

Clothes, cars, umbrellas, they all come at a cost. None fulfill us internally, and only drain our attention. The collection of money, and it's spending, all waste our vital time. In facing death, we may recharge our drive to accomplish what we set out for, and use money as a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

What kind of things are you still looking to do? You can't buy these experiences, relationships, or what have you. Money can aid you to make the next move, but your will to make it happen is the underlying force, and your purpose, the target.

In realizing that money is used by our void, we can make the change to buying with honest intent, forgoing purchases to make time for what we truly desire, or buying to fuel the fire of our passions.

Living Up to Higher Standards

The standards we shall beat our hearts to emerges in a time and place of readiness. Only in shaping our mind to fulfill the duties of the future may we become an audience to the divine rhythm—a push and pull of our truest purpose.

It's not in giving ourselves up to the conventions external to ourselves, but in dedicating a song worth playing: a principle worth living in pursuit of our highest self. By making the decision to leave behind the inferior and indifference to conformity, may we discover real change.

The Source of Our Principles

To find our principles we need only reflect on the nature of our destinations. The fleeting pinnacle of our thoughts, incessant and transparent, foreshadow our next steps.

The voice calling out is the supreme you. All the qualities you seek are the ones you already possess, seeping their way out until the direction of it's release is clear.

The discovery of oneself is in itself, a conscious look into the non-conscious of meaning and non-meaning. That is, everything you cross, is an adjustment determined by its meaning to you. Of great or little importance, we shift this way and that, until finally climbing that mountain to the peak of its summit. Atop the world, we are alone to our thoughts.

The flux of our thoughts permeate our being, but leaves us at the end of every path to a betterment of another self. At this fork we give presence to choice. To reach our higher self we must first commit to the dynamism beyond ourselves: a system emerged from our purpose. Leaping from internal abstractions to an idea and back, we're reconstructing our world by its self destruction.

Living through principles, we must shape the great sage within ourselves. To spring forth an independence from the world, we step back to observe. In our sightseeing, the birth of the autodidact plants itself at our core; the learner, both empty and full, seeking more and to never reach its end; a seeker of knowledge. Seeking not merely for itself, but as a means of reaching our future self. In our lust we connect to the divine as we confront our living on the edge. Once there, do we bring with us the attention to attain our highest purpose.

Principles to Live By

Principles allow you to change. Without any internal guidance, any change will cause you to be lost and unidentified; a flurry of attacks redirecting your attention to whence it never came. Mark this as a step towards mind over matter.

Knowledge, competence, and momentum. These benign words commence the chanting of our mantra into a self-organizing ideal. Of the many arbitrary books available at our fingertips, we meet time and time again, a construction of terms to carry out actions towards another fleeting objective. And why then, would this one be any different? As you've probably assumed, it's not.

The truth of things don't change as they go out of view. The embodiment of our choices is a reflection of our character, and thus the direction of our actions. Whether you follow them or not isn't a matter of adhering to a quick-fix system. It's about realigning our ambivalence towards a path of our choosing.

If you resonate with the principles therein, you'll come to an understanding of its own merit. Not predetermined, for these principles provide the path towards a random entrance into the unknown.


Role: Supporting direction of action

Method: Observation, skepticism

Think not accumulated facts and figures, limited bases of acquirement; knowledge, as we shall come to see it, is simply: a guiding reference. Not the piece of a puzzle, or the puzzle itself. Instead, a deep knowingness. One that stretches into a series of disparate puzzles of various sizes and shapes, abstract and concrete; or not. The very questioning of its existence brings with us the core of this tenant to filter the plethora of phenomenon.

Discernment, skepticism, and a fervent desire to claim truth behind what blocks our view is where we must start; to see beyond the scope of things, and into the unknown constructs the framework of what is to become: knowledge.

Knowledge is founded in a state of observation. One must give attention to what is to become relevant to our path. Scrap or treasure, we purge the shell to remark upon its inner structure and state of being. We then can churn all information in self immersion into your little world of creative indulgence. Fulfill your purpose through multiple sources to gain angles on your attack.

Applying Knowledge Through the Misconceptions of Eating Grapefruit

Isolation to one community permeates an ignorance unknown to other possibilities. You're stuck in a rut, and don't even notice. Everyone thinks one way about this and that, projecting a sheet to drape over your eyes. It's not their fault, not intentionally at least. It's what people know, and default to. In other terms: stagnancy.

As I had my eye on a grapefruit, I did what anyone would do; that is, anyone that I've ever seen do: grabbed the cut-in-half grapefruit to start digging out the triangles with a spoon. Making a splash failed to shed light to the mysteries of its way, and instead lead to a disinterest in trying at all.

It was such an unnatural approach to eating, that whatever I did, it was sticking a square into a triangle. So stuck in a single minded pursuit, we lose perspective on the great expanse of opportunity.

See it from another angle: a grapefruit is like an orange. One can then take a similar approach to how you peal and tear the skin, and apply it. Voila! An easier way to achieve the result by resisting conformity to an idea, now old, obsolete.


Role: Action

Method: Initiative

Competence then, governs the very basis for our attention. It reminds us of where we stand, and where we need to focus our energies. The thinking minds wanders far. How to judge yet a single touch that brings us back to reality? Competence lies within, and is unwavering in its strength to guide us by our will. It's our touch that correlates to the abstract. Neither straying here nor there, we remain on task for only as long as necessary to achieve our aims.

Competence is the act of concentrated action, broken down into tangible results from our guided knowledge. It's the middle ground to the concrete, of the basis of our ideas into reality. We can't be competent if we are to remain in our ivory tower. Competence is the initiative and doing aspect. Pulling from your deep reservoir, you apply knowledge and gain skill in its performance.

Applying competence is as simple as engaging into the world with your knowledge, and not without. If you're lacking action or the base for said action, you're not being competent.


Role: Exponential Growth

Method: Attention

There is no end. Therefore, a reaching is the core of momentum. Always striving forward, never accepting what is for what might be. To stay in this aspect, one need only give attention to any activity. Time on activity yields the highest potential. In reaching our goal, we grow. But having grown, we must continue to reach; a continuous unsatisfaction. Momentum is attention on the right target guided by Knowledge, and fulfilled by Competence.

Action doesn't equate progress towards ones goals. And persistence only aids in the drainage of our most valuable asset: time. Therefore momentum spawns in its glory to aid our direction in right action, compoundingly, at the right time. Only under the right circumstances may we leap forward under the essential understandings to excel.

You're always learning, and self-reflecting. Come to terms with your own culture, and how it's affected your own institutions. Become impersonal in your detachment. It's not you, or them, but an idea. Of which you may always discard.

Every fleeting moment provides everything we need, and nothing at all. The aspect of our picking and pruning need only be to our tastes of what we strive for. One doesn't need to learn everything. Focus on the meaningful and you'll always be on track.

Growth itself is never the main pursuit, for its a result of our purpose. Let us be mindful not to dirty the fabric of ourselves with external messes, wrapping into an ever unfolding cocoon of stagnancy.

Parts influence the whole. Expand effort and don't waste it because the end doesn't exist, nor will it. It's always in our reaching that clearly maps our character. So let us reach for the right things.


The completion of goals returns nothing when smothered in trivialities. We must entitle ourselves to the establishment of great goals. Those that are beyond ourselves and into a frame of being that pervades us. No goal henceforth shall be anything but of our esteemed potential.

In this deep knowingness of distaste for incompatible goals, we set no more. Let this awareness be our claim against everything we stand for, cascading onto the lower confines of man and our interactions with others now and to come.

We don't live forever. Don't plan your life as if it were. Break down and chunk the things you must do, the things which pull you back into this world to accomplish in your greatest offerings.