The Big Picture: 4 Techniques to Penetrate Life Forcefully


Sit down for a moment and think: what do you want your life to look like, in the grand scheme of things? What's the big picture look like? The ultimate goal?

Close your eyes and envision yourself the exact way you want to be, at your highest development. What characteristics does this individual portray? What lifestyle do they live? What goals and challenges has this ambitious individual overcome with ferocious tenacity?

The more detailed you can be in your description,  the more effective your visualization techniques will be. Imagine yourself a decade from now: What will you be wearing? Where will you be living? By what means will you obtain income to provide for your kingdom? What regrets might you have if you don't pursue your burning passions deliberately and intently?

All of these questions are necessary to confront if expecting to climb toward your ultimate potential. It might be helpful to unplug for a while in order to decrease distractions and environmental influence to seriously inquire within regarding your ultimate vision. While you can have every scrupulous detail mapped out and accounted for, don't forget to invite opportunity in your life as well. Sometimes the life we receive is not necessarily the one we ask for, but the one we require most.

With the end goal in mind, we can then begin to manifest our ideas into reality.


Once you have spent some time visualizing your dreams, you then make a decision to work toward them. Sounds simple enough, but a lot of individuals fail at this very step. You need to eliminate all distractions and seriously focus. Distractions come in endless varieties; from entertainment platforms, social groups whose goals and rituals don't correlate with yours, lustful pleasures, and a plethora of other things, they are always competing for our focus and attention. It is essential to be aware in the present moment and dial in to the frequency you perform optimally at.

This next step is crucial . Over the next few days, identify distractions you encounter on a daily basis. While it is impossible to eliminate every last one, you can definitely mitigate the disruptions we face on a daily basis. Gradually strip away the baggage until your support network is as obsessed with your goals as you are, and your free time is spent mindfully enhancing yourself in various aspects, versus unenthusiastically browsing social media and deteriorating your brain cells.

You will admittedly face adversity as you inform your peers of your lifestyle change, and at first this may seem overwhelming. However, resistance is to be expected, and you can learn to appreciate it; usually, it lets you know you're doing something right. Embrace the tension as you tread lightly into the unknown and exit your comfort zone. Which leads us next to...


You have a clear picture in your head, and you made the decision that you're going to do whatever it takes to reach it. Now comes the time to create the blueprint for your life, a game plan if you will. Your end goals in mind should be enormous and larger than life itself. They need to be so large and powerful that there's no possible way to achieve them until you transform into a particular individual that can.

An efficient way to delegate your goals is to break them up into categories. An example would be setting a 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month goal; 1 year, 5 year, 10 year goal- however you please, really. Identify the milestones you need to breach and approximately how much time each would require. Be aggressive, but realistic. This skill takes time to hone, but you've got plenty of time to practice. These checkpoints are useful to inform you whether or not you're on schedule, and allow you the opportunity to evaluate your behavior if you fall below or overreach your goals.

When you begin, it is not uncommon to be ecstatic when motivation is at an all-time high. After all, you've got your life in control now! What's more exciting than that!?

This will last for some time. By all means, embrace this phase for everything it's worth! Enjoy every moment of it. Eventually, motivation will begin to dwindle down, and the daily grind will seem monotonous and tedious with little to no return on your behalf. It is then we must..


Motivation is a great push in the right direction. It gets you off your butt and gets you started. Don't wait until motivation appears to act- act first, and then the motivation will appear. If you become worn out, it could be beneficial to take some time off and unplug, perhaps recalibrate your actions to make sure they're in line with your ultimate pursuit. As an insurance policy, so to speak, it could be beneficial to pause after each checkpoint to celebrate accordingly, and realign your actions before waiting until you become completely drained and unmotivated.

The journey toward self-renewal is one into eternity; one that begins today and lasts forever. Always striving to become just a little better than you were yesterday, through various aspects. Commitment to yourself and your life will ensure that although sometimes we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, we know that it still exists. While the journey is not always fun and exciting, it is wholesome and true in the purest sense