Hiking as a Practice of the Moment

Hiking aids us to let go and be free. 

It has a beginning and an end. When embarking the trail, one may ease into the moment at hand knowing the end will come. There's no need to worry or draw out diverging thoughts, for this is a time for clarity. With every step, one can be open to the experience around, taking things as they come into our view. 

The experience we immerse ourselves into becomes an engagement with the basic nature of all things. We see the world with fresh eyes in mindfulness, with no projection. It's all a process of intaking the new that we may later use to fuel our fire.

In this new cycle, we recharge our perspective on what's important. We may finally disband all the pressure built up by which has lingered in our thoughts, and incorporate the spark of novelty with our redeveloped self. By cleansing our mind, we become free with no constraints, and nature becomes our gateway to transformation.

Distant Nature

Who are we?

Nature isn't separate to our observations, nor experience. We are nature. We live it, breath it, and give birth to the continual flux that reinvigorates itself. To embrace ourselves is the key to achieving that which we value most. We mustn't forget the part we play. Our thoughts become our reality, and reality changes our thoughts. To release ourselves from our deepest knowledge, we leave our pursuits lost amid inattention to what's truly important. Don't just dream, do. Harnessing your nature is the first step to realize your ideal self by taking action today, with the awareness of what you are and what you're here to do.