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Living Fully Through Mindfulness And Travel

As it is apparent to be our slogan as of yet, we'd like to explicate the reasoning behind it. While simple as it may be, there's three elements that can't be simplified further; that is, the triage of Living Fully, Mindfulness, and Travel.

Why living fully is important

Living is to continually breathe life into your daily endeavors. To embrace life fully, we cannot slack in our attainment of a higher purpose; that would entail an empty life. By giving up, we commit mental suicide and end all things. That can't be the right way. In living fully, we idealize our future self, and the impact we shall create. It's all about presence, and making sure that we stay animated in a greyed out world of sloths and drifting individuals. There's much to do on this planet, and we must get started; else, persist on our current course towards our highest purpose. Now, and not later, we act, for it's in our veins and infused into our being.

To live fully is to dream big. By visualizing what's important, we conjure any possibility within our view. Everything becomes tangible in our path of application, and so it will be. This is our passion: the kick-starting force of our intent. All of our actions stem from this drive, and so it's value lies at the end of our thoughts. If they aren't aligned truthfully and with purpose, then we are devoured by the living as we step aside.

Mindfulness alone isn't enough

Mindfulness doesn't imply direct action. Hence, we have the need to live fully as support. If living fully is our reasoning and passion, then mindfulness is our awareness of the moment. We instill in ourselves the observer, detaching from this world and taking everything in with skepticism and acceptance. There should be no projection behind our view, for we see what is, and not what we wish to see.

Mindfulness grounds us. By seeing where the world is, we may place ourselves in it. To dream without a connection to this planet, we float away into distant stars and distractions of flickering light. The universe is inconceivably massive. To lose ourselves in the midst of it, all passion for living lies dormant in an ever fleeting idea, and never manifests into reality.

Travel without living fully or mindfulness is void and flat of color.

As we discussed about in more detail at What's Travel?, traveling is essentially novelty. We need travel to apply what we have residing within. In our journeys to various destinations beyond our comfort zone, we may share and instill our learning and values elsewhere. Otherwise we remain as we are, to become less of what we could be as stagnancy tears us apart. 

Travel without mindfulness would be to indulge in selfish desires by degrading your life and that of others. Doing things for the sake of being new, and different, would starve the earth of its natural resources. All purpose is then lost; our passion escapes our grasp. The vital energy and time you do have, is wasted towards finding paths to take, just because you now fear walking the same path.

The only true voyage would be not to travel through a hundred different lands with the same pair of eyes, but to see the same land through a hundred different pairs of eyes.”

          — MARCEL PROUST

Why Optimism Leads A Better Life

When we think of optimism, it's sort of a no-brainer. But what is it really? Some think of an unrealistic child, unknown to the material world of order and limitations. For others, it's seeking the best in all things; the world, curious and virtuous, setting the scene of an exciting adventure. Of course we'll pursue the latter!

Seeing Possibilities Makes Them True

Without persevering by uplifting our thoughts, we slam shut all doors and throw away the key. That's the end of it. We give up at every turn, seeing the worst in things if not to completely disregard even trying. That can't possibly be the life we shall strive to create.

Knowing there's room for another idea, no matter how slight, gives us an edge to push forward. We keep going, and going. In the end, we achieve what we set out for. In our short defeats, we discover new gifts to receive, never regretting the destination we come to. Every moment then becomes an act of gratitude. We can feel enriched by our experience, and not drained from it.

Kindness For One And All

You're not the rain on everyone's parade. You become a spark of joy that lights up everyone's faces. Every dark path is an opportunity to display your light, ever so brightly. Imparting your pure strength of will overcomes all short term obstacles, letting you live presently, and inspire one another for a prosperous future of novel ideas. In construction of a softer environment, the energy you put out is returned, and ever so gently raises you beyond your own capabilities.

Generosity Surges

The excess you had, gone. Grounded to necessity, you have much to share. Forging a minimalistic life, value ingrains itself in all things beyond the concrete and physical. We relate to our minds eye, and the minds of the living.

We have more to give when we look towards the future, in knowing things will pan out no matter what.  We are no longer slaves to ourselves, and break the shackles for others.


There's no end to the heights you can reach when all limits are removed. Crank up the volume, life's vibrancy plays at max. Every moment is cut away for our play and entanglement. We cultivate an understanding in our expanse of learning, returning with heightened empathy and mindfulness. In knowing we can live a more fuller life, we do.


Why Wander? To See With Eyes Which Cannot See

There are many ways to spend our days, and biking is one of them. Over a hundred miles today entirely around San Diego was one way to internal and external immersion.

Delved into the assorted communites, stretching beyond tight-nit groups into something much larger. The shift in space is like teleporting into another dimension. You place yourself into fresh perspectives with every entrance and exit, passing through time and carrying onto the next voyage, a remarkable change.

How It Began

The day spiraled in a looming cloud. Fog wherever the eye could see, breath roaring into the wind. Every push of the peddle emerged a new reality ahead, existing only temporarily as it vanished behind. Awareness of the present moment honed down to its core, everything was simple.

Breaking It's Hold

Reaching to the outer side, managed to pervade it's grasp into the next path: the silver strand. Stretching for miles along the coast of ocean breeze, a man-made link between islands presents itself.

It was here that I came to the first road block, but it was not the road. A flat tire reared its head. Swiveling the bike this way and that, clunking up and down, I became a buoy without an anchor.

Loss of Identity

What's a biker without a bike? Whizzing by were the sounds of biker groups charting course for the distant path. With a decommissioned object at my feet, I had been chained to my bike not wanting to ditch it.

Had to walk it back to the nearest shop. Only, it was three miles away. It was a walk of defeat, considering I repaired the tubes just the week prior. With no parts, I was unprepared, stripped to the bottom. And every step was inverse to the destined path.

What you have can change at a moments notice.  From this moment or the next, they take us through what we must face.

Regained Purpose

Reached the shop and put the bike under repair. With the 30 minute wait, walked to the nearest park. Like a sanctuary for the mind, parks draw me in. Removing my shoes and socks, felt the moist ground beneath me, grass itching up between my toes. 

Looking up, saw two individuals dangling from the trees with satin red cloth. Tugging and twisting it around their feet, they performed an elegant display of balance and control as if floating by an inner power.

Whether semblance of control or not, having power over mind and body allows wondrous feats. Without a tree to hang, they'd be no less what they're doing.

These skills, or biking, are infused with our being. They await our intent and use, for when the time comes. It becomes a test of will to embody our actions in the physical world, altered from our thoughts.

Away from the shop, the bike ceased to be a problem. The more rooted in the time of now, the more one connects to themselves and an absence of itself. Teetering between moments, our mind wanders to meet its crucial pivot point: the many paths we take, all leading in the same direction.

A New Path

No longer dwelling on the past and reengaging the present, the bike was returned to its original state, but I came back with a new intention: to go up instead of down.

Riding across Coronado beating the traffic, met up with the ferry. She is the bridge between lands, coming and going, having no end. Embarking downtown San Diego threw us into the heart of a crowd. Swishing between it's people, a path was laid out. So I followed it.

And Here We Are

Through endless streets of people, they came in all shapes, sizes, and color; from noble to peasant; clean to filth; I had ended at the public library.

Around it's security patrol and glaring windows were homeless men and women, and some children working for their next meal. At the corner of the lot were another kind of people. Those that enticed the shadows of our highest characters, shattered to their core, into a sexual pleasure exchange. A rocking car with tinted windows, and men guarding their earnings. 

Of a place harboring knowledge, the boundary between an unknowing and knowing within us outshines all else. Our every choice and direction end in the path we take, and some best not taken. 

Into Another World  

Stepping off the bike and onto the shores of this location brought everything to the same level. No longer whooshing by and observing, I became another living vessel within the scene.

Walking through and up it's stairs, sit many at tables with beings staring into screens. Whole lines of computers being used for games and mindless distractions, meanwhile their bodies decay, mind wanders, and spirit withers into dust. One of the same as those outside, as inside.

Make no mistake, there were the few and bold who withstood their ground, accepting no less than their potential and made use of the resources before them now and for their futures. But as it was, even in the midst of all ever-knowing potential, our minds may cloud and blind us before it. Those that reach through the clouds are animating the divine, giving presence to forces beyond ourselves and breathing life into what matters.

The Big Bang

Having set up notebook and pen at the go, I wrote and wrote about all the trivialities the mind goes, seeing what it's made of. With what seemed like a gripping tension between fingers and ink, and blood vessels squeezing throughout my body, I heard something.

A drum of sorts, popping in and out of my mind. I stopped writing; picking up the winds of change. Packing everything up with ever so much more to write, I engaged my curiosity and saught after the banging behind the bookshelves.

What revealed itself was the wall of computers and sloths at their front. And there it was again: the bang. This time, it wasn't just a bang, but banging. I've drawn closer, yet this wouldn't do. I turned the nearest corner and onwards the across vicinity and I found it. A distant roar calling out itself, giving birth to an idea it beholds: a performance of dance.

The Arts Become A Doorway

Seemingly random moments take our breath away. For it gives us a new breathe to impart, living fully and embracing our core fears and triumphant conquests.

Those that take hold of their minds, not to control but to guide, step into this deep knowningness of our universal experience. The big picture is linked to us in small expressions of our creativity and indulgence into substance beyond ourselves. It's here that we connect and bring real change to the flux of our lives.

Viewing the spectacle, I witnessed a movement of wonder and natural flow. Vanquished into the present, the viewers and I remained giddy yet silent, subserving to what's taking place. There's nothing else that need be done, or said, for it simply is itself, being what it may.

The World Runs It's Course

The sloths remain in their place, and a timeless performance plays just underneath. Tuning it out as background was ignorance to the divine rythmn. So deep in their ways, nothing bulges. This was a reminder of a lifetime: to not sit idle tuned out to the world, but to instead embrace it with a force to live. Everyone has eyes and ears and mouths, but not everyone sees, listens, and tastes the depth of their reach. Let us strive to be the one who does.

Taking Shortcuts With Mentors

Time is of the essence. Therefore on the conservation of our energies, we must find the ways in which to cut corners. While there are unfathomable contingencies one may take, mentors are indispensable. How do we get started?

Find a Mentor on Your Path

Looking towards our ideal, we find individuals ahead or nearest our destination. Mentors then, are shortcuts. They may have the knowledge beyond your time, and may guide you when off trail; becoming a north star.

With the galaxy full of potential beacons, you don't want shortcuts from someone that's on a different path than you; else, you're taking the long way; lost and aimless, you run in circles to find the right path.

Diverting time and attention wastes our vital essences that we've committed to reforging in facing death, so make sure you find the right mentor, the first time. Now after you find a potential mentor on your path, what do you look for?

A Mentor Should Possess Divine Attributes

On our quest to an ideal self, our mentors are the inhabitants of the divine: those living fully, in the moment, radiating in their brilliance. Our interactions guide us in a direction of their upbringing, unleashing hidden connections to their livelihood and cultured attitudes. In our adaption, we must reflect on whether inheritance of their approach is truly beneficial towards our aims.

Pick A Mentor Wisely

Just because someone is on our path, doesn't entitle them to be our mentor. They must embody the strengths we want to learn, and become. Anyone can masquerade as a wholesome individual, so remain skeptic and discern their true motives.

If they fall flat on the inner qualities we strive for even while they maintain an image we seek, we must rid ourselves of them.

It's your life that matters, and it starts with honing in your perception: any knight can wear armor, but not everyone is your knight in shining armor.

Mentoring Is Independent

We can't have a mentor that is dependent on us, nor we dependent on them. We live our own lives, and onward towards disparate destinations. As we meld together and shape our future, we must remain ourselves. 

Be aware to the differences you share. In opposition, you may learn, or push forward in your path. Don't lose your direction when they go the other way. 

Detaching From Mentors

There comes a time in all events whence they began: the end.  After accumulating a change of self, we harvest what is left and move on. But it doesn't end here.

We Are Mentors For Others

Mentors become us, for they are us. Don't forget who you are, and the impact you make in this world.

Mentors are a complex system. We merge within another in time, taking years to learn in a continual shaping process. Shortcuts then, aren't so short after all.

Being one of the largest challenges to face, you can't culivate the transition without diligence in pursuit of a higher self. One must be self-organized to overcome the barrier of themselves, and ultimately share the wealth of their circumstances. Let this be you: another star in the galaxy, lighting way for your path.

Living Up to Higher Standards

The standards we shall beat our hearts to emerges in a time and place of readiness. Only in shaping our mind to fulfill the duties of the future may we become an audience to the divine rhythm—a push and pull of our truest purpose.

It's not in giving ourselves up to the conventions external to ourselves, but in dedicating a song worth playing: a principle worth living in pursuit of our highest self. By making the decision to leave behind the inferior and indifference to conformity, may we discover real change.

The Source of Our Principles

To find our principles we need only reflect on the nature of our destinations. The fleeting pinnacle of our thoughts, incessant and transparent, foreshadow our next steps.

The voice calling out is the supreme you. All the qualities you seek are the ones you already possess, seeping their way out until the direction of it's release is clear.

The discovery of oneself is in itself, a conscious look into the non-conscious of meaning and non-meaning. That is, everything you cross, is an adjustment determined by its meaning to you. Of great or little importance, we shift this way and that, until finally climbing that mountain to the peak of its summit. Atop the world, we are alone to our thoughts.

The flux of our thoughts permeate our being, but leaves us at the end of every path to a betterment of another self. At this fork we give presence to choice. To reach our higher self we must first commit to the dynamism beyond ourselves: a system emerged from our purpose. Leaping from internal abstractions to an idea and back, we're reconstructing our world by its self destruction.

Living through principles, we must shape the great sage within ourselves. To spring forth an independence from the world, we step back to observe. In our sightseeing, the birth of the autodidact plants itself at our core; the learner, both empty and full, seeking more and to never reach its end; a seeker of knowledge. Seeking not merely for itself, but as a means of reaching our future self. In our lust we connect to the divine as we confront our living on the edge. Once there, do we bring with us the attention to attain our highest purpose.

Principles to Live By

Principles allow you to change. Without any internal guidance, any change will cause you to be lost and unidentified; a flurry of attacks redirecting your attention to whence it never came. Mark this as a step towards mind over matter.

Knowledge, competence, and momentum. These benign words commence the chanting of our mantra into a self-organizing ideal. Of the many arbitrary books available at our fingertips, we meet time and time again, a construction of terms to carry out actions towards another fleeting objective. And why then, would this one be any different? As you've probably assumed, it's not.

The truth of things don't change as they go out of view. The embodiment of our choices is a reflection of our character, and thus the direction of our actions. Whether you follow them or not isn't a matter of adhering to a quick-fix system. It's about realigning our ambivalence towards a path of our choosing.

If you resonate with the principles therein, you'll come to an understanding of its own merit. Not predetermined, for these principles provide the path towards a random entrance into the unknown.


Role: Supporting direction of action

Method: Observation, skepticism

Think not accumulated facts and figures, limited bases of acquirement; knowledge, as we shall come to see it, is simply: a guiding reference. Not the piece of a puzzle, or the puzzle itself. Instead, a deep knowingness. One that stretches into a series of disparate puzzles of various sizes and shapes, abstract and concrete; or not. The very questioning of its existence brings with us the core of this tenant to filter the plethora of phenomenon.

Discernment, skepticism, and a fervent desire to claim truth behind what blocks our view is where we must start; to see beyond the scope of things, and into the unknown constructs the framework of what is to become: knowledge.

Knowledge is founded in a state of observation. One must give attention to what is to become relevant to our path. Scrap or treasure, we purge the shell to remark upon its inner structure and state of being. We then can churn all information in self immersion into your little world of creative indulgence. Fulfill your purpose through multiple sources to gain angles on your attack.

Applying Knowledge Through the Misconceptions of Eating Grapefruit

Isolation to one community permeates an ignorance unknown to other possibilities. You're stuck in a rut, and don't even notice. Everyone thinks one way about this and that, projecting a sheet to drape over your eyes. It's not their fault, not intentionally at least. It's what people know, and default to. In other terms: stagnancy.

As I had my eye on a grapefruit, I did what anyone would do; that is, anyone that I've ever seen do: grabbed the cut-in-half grapefruit to start digging out the triangles with a spoon. Making a splash failed to shed light to the mysteries of its way, and instead lead to a disinterest in trying at all.

It was such an unnatural approach to eating, that whatever I did, it was sticking a square into a triangle. So stuck in a single minded pursuit, we lose perspective on the great expanse of opportunity.

See it from another angle: a grapefruit is like an orange. One can then take a similar approach to how you peal and tear the skin, and apply it. Voila! An easier way to achieve the result by resisting conformity to an idea, now old, obsolete.


Role: Action

Method: Initiative

Competence then, governs the very basis for our attention. It reminds us of where we stand, and where we need to focus our energies. The thinking minds wanders far. How to judge yet a single touch that brings us back to reality? Competence lies within, and is unwavering in its strength to guide us by our will. It's our touch that correlates to the abstract. Neither straying here nor there, we remain on task for only as long as necessary to achieve our aims.

Competence is the act of concentrated action, broken down into tangible results from our guided knowledge. It's the middle ground to the concrete, of the basis of our ideas into reality. We can't be competent if we are to remain in our ivory tower. Competence is the initiative and doing aspect. Pulling from your deep reservoir, you apply knowledge and gain skill in its performance.

Applying competence is as simple as engaging into the world with your knowledge, and not without. If you're lacking action or the base for said action, you're not being competent.


Role: Exponential Growth

Method: Attention

There is no end. Therefore, a reaching is the core of momentum. Always striving forward, never accepting what is for what might be. To stay in this aspect, one need only give attention to any activity. Time on activity yields the highest potential. In reaching our goal, we grow. But having grown, we must continue to reach; a continuous unsatisfaction. Momentum is attention on the right target guided by Knowledge, and fulfilled by Competence.

Action doesn't equate progress towards ones goals. And persistence only aids in the drainage of our most valuable asset: time. Therefore momentum spawns in its glory to aid our direction in right action, compoundingly, at the right time. Only under the right circumstances may we leap forward under the essential understandings to excel.

You're always learning, and self-reflecting. Come to terms with your own culture, and how it's affected your own institutions. Become impersonal in your detachment. It's not you, or them, but an idea. Of which you may always discard.

Every fleeting moment provides everything we need, and nothing at all. The aspect of our picking and pruning need only be to our tastes of what we strive for. One doesn't need to learn everything. Focus on the meaningful and you'll always be on track.

Growth itself is never the main pursuit, for its a result of our purpose. Let us be mindful not to dirty the fabric of ourselves with external messes, wrapping into an ever unfolding cocoon of stagnancy.

Parts influence the whole. Expand effort and don't waste it because the end doesn't exist, nor will it. It's always in our reaching that clearly maps our character. So let us reach for the right things.


The completion of goals returns nothing when smothered in trivialities. We must entitle ourselves to the establishment of great goals. Those that are beyond ourselves and into a frame of being that pervades us. No goal henceforth shall be anything but of our esteemed potential.

In this deep knowingness of distaste for incompatible goals, we set no more. Let this awareness be our claim against everything we stand for, cascading onto the lower confines of man and our interactions with others now and to come.

We don't live forever. Don't plan your life as if it were. Break down and chunk the things you must do, the things which pull you back into this world to accomplish in your greatest offerings.

How To Have The Perfect Work/Life Balance

Many rival between the separation of work and their personal lives: always trying to make it work, spending so much time, and accomplishing nothing. When you break it down we realize: it's all a load of bullshit.

There is no work/life balance

The very idea is innately distracting and narrows your vision. Originating as a default  assumption within our culture, we've taken a hold of it and completely blown it out of proportion. We for whatever reason, accept less of ourselves, and seek to bounce back and forth between a non-existent duo. The reality is that it's only your life at stake here. Nothing else. You're either pursuing your life, or you're not.

But, It Gives Me All This Stuff! 

Stop pretending that following the tangents of others is somehow worthwhile in comparison to its offerings. There are no benefits when it comes down to your personal freedom, growth, and service to the world, when you're sacrificing the very heart of itself! 

I'll Make Time For Myself

Leaving work and chasing your true desires is to split ourselves. We must always strive to bridge the gap between what we separate as work, and life, if we will ever be able to abolish it's false pretense.

Where our conflict resides we may begin pushing the battlefront to an end by facing ourselves in reflection: Are you really commited to your mission? Your own prosperity, and glory? If you were, truly, then everything comes together in service of your vision. Work falls away in its unimportance, outshined by your force of life. We are unable to live life fully when submitting to work. To deny yourself is to perpetuate the lie, and spread it's filth. Don't live it.

I Can't Just Quit

You know what is right and what is wrong. To stick put and stay within your comfort zone is self-defeating. Get out there, be the person you want to be. Period. Don't give up and accept what comes to you. Take charge of your life and determine your own steps.

Having Somewhere To Be

Often work requires of us to be somewhere. We must be here, at this time, for this occasion... a never ending leash grappled around our worn down necks. Why not keep going? What happens when you commit to yourself and visions?

Step over the line, see what happens. By removing the limits we relish in the freedom of our wandering. So many options reveal themselves to us with the universe conspiring in our favor, surging us forward like never before. Everything we can do is made with all the right choices when embracing life for what it is. The only wrong one, is to deny your own potential. It's up to you.

Living a Fuller Life With 3 Daily Tasks

What we do each and every day matters. It can either be to our benefit in accumulation, or lead to our downfall. In our continual march to reaching our ideals, we must take a moment to reflect on the basic unit of our actions: the daily rituals we perform.

What shall we be doing each and every day? The answer is simple: 

  1. Daily reading/learning

  2. Daily meditation

  3. Daily journaling

For some that may be too simple. For others, not. What's important here is that our lives are no less than what we do. And it is in our doing that we must apply ample resources if we are to succeed. It's these moments that make up the smallest portion of our day, but drive our momentum. We cannot make progress without the constant improvement of ourselves, and it starts here.

Daily Reading/Learning

Reading is like falling into a spell. You enter into the world of another, experiencing an ego-death of sorts by transcending current ideas and yourself. Leaving them at the door, the process of change may occur. It's in this time that we readjust our focus and priorities, realizing: without effort in learning, we take no steps.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the illumination of your own doing. Unlocking your potential, all entries appear, signposts everywhichway.

Daily Meditation

While a word with many associations, take a simple form of mindfulness. We are mindful of ourselves, relation to others, and how to fulfill a greater purpose beyond just us. We reflect on what we learn, or yet haven't. There is always a middle ground, and mindfulness is it's center.

To be aware, is to be mindful. To be open, is mindful. It may get us hurt, but rewards us with a prosperous journey and opportunity to gift ourselves with authenticity. Your core is here, and in absence, chaos ensues. Be centered. Be grounded. Be mindful.

Daily Journaling

Journaling sets our transition to stone. Its the binding force of our reconfigured self. Writing our thoughts down is the way to know who we are, where we have been, and where we are headed, setting the tone for our daily pursuits.

There must be an end to a beginning, a start to a finish, so we journal to turn ourselves full circle. For further interest, we discuss it further here: 6 Benefits of Journaling Everyday . To begin, start by getting a journal. Make it a habit of  writing everyday, from what you're thinking to what you'd like to become. It helps us to track our life plans when we cannot see it inside the mess of our minds. Get it down on paper, and know that you're making progress. It can be as simple as a sentence here or there, or full-blown paragraphs--whatever works for you.

I'm sure you'll have more dailies, so feel free to share! We'd love to hear your thoughts and how you choose to live a fuller life.