6 Benefits of Journaling Everyday

Journaling or writing, it's the same thing. What's not the same, is who obtains the benefit of actually writing or not. There is a big difference between writers and non-writers. Let's take a look at the benefits for those that do write.

RevealING Thoughts

You're an ever-changing being with no hard edges or endings. Each scribble we come to see how pliable we really are, and how easily our mind atunes to what lies external to us. A slant in a letter or the few dashings of dots can highten or dampen our moods; if we let it.

As you reread your writing, you'll come to realize reoccurring thoughts: traces of something locked away, hidden deep down, or even for plain sight. We step outside of our mind and see it as we put it out, which is an invaluable way to come to terms with our awareness of ourselves. Then, we can move beyond them. If not, the awareness suffices and we take charge in development of our character.

Reliving a Past Self

A personalized journey to a past self, adventuring through old fabrications and webs of long forgotten truths. In our reflection, we see our growth and future path ahead of us. Comparison brings real awareness to our temporary existence, funneling our thoughts further into their natural place. We become ourselves, and each word is another chip off our statue of evolution.


What's more motivating then your own life?  We are recharged with native colors, spiraling up into divine possibilities. A series of words string together and form the transition to transcendence. It is here that we engage our life with purpose, intent, and determination. Infused within our veins, the heat courses it's way through our vessel, gaining strength in performance. And from its doing, such novelty towards our path sprinkles it's charm into a flux of change that we can sit in admiration of our potential.

Me Time

In the unit of the universe, the span of a day, we dedicate a time for our development. Without the conscious creation of it, we cannot reap the subconscious flourishing. It's breath is made of our daily efforts to and from the world. An absence of this time is to fall into stagnation. This becomes then, a commitment for lifetime learning and integration.

Habit Identification

Screening our days and weeks, we discover a plethora of habits that make up ourselves. Whether they project a healthy life or not, we must take a look further and destroy the life draining instances. Away with the bad habits, and flood the gates with that we do right. Destroy that which delays your potential and offsets your ideals, so that we are destined to meet our wholesome self.

Goal Setting

They change as you go. Nothing is set in place, changing this way and that. Don't get caught up in what's not settling. On the other hand, see where you're headed. Are you meeting your targets? Determine your purpose from the goals that stick around. On track, or not, you're tracking them.

You have the chance to evaluate your life plan everyday, and to become the change that you wish to see in this world-so be it!

Get started today by getting your hands on a Journal you can rely on. Not just any journal or notebook will do. Find something that brings value to yourself. Something that draws your attention and gets you writing is the best way to ingrain the habit.