Alternative Lodging

When it comes down to budgeting for travel expenses, spending money on lodging takes the biggest chunk. On the lookout for alternatives, we discover:


What could be better than joining the ranks of our peers and collaborating our experiences within the same space? We gift ourselves and recieve back the vibrancy of people in their living flesh. This is the heart of it. We come to share a universal experience, stopping to catch a glimpse of each and every one of our unique paths in travel.

Prices range from free with work accommodation to a cheap campground. Yet, you get the benefit of all. Working in exchange for lodging gives one the opportunity to confront ideas different from oneself, working towards a greater cause and spirit of the earth, and one acquires new skills.

The hindrance is the same as a hotel, in that you may make a payment, but its one cheap leap in the right direction. Don't forget to bring some earbuds!



Standing for World-Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms, WWOOF is a great introduction to long term stays in foreign places. The opportunity to work alongside locals, perhaps even living together, is hands down the closest you could get to a truly enlivening experience. An exchange of work for accommodation is little for the feedback from the real deal.

Downfalls can be varied working hours, inconsistency at large between hosts over disparate climates, and expectations, but that's life. Take it or leave it, it's happening.


A free way to spend the night, with an assumed exchange of yourself and experiences. A simple way to meet terms, but it all depends on your host, and more importantly, you. Coordinating times with others can make scheduling difficult on a time crunch, but there's value to be had when one is patient.

Be willing to break some social barriers


While it may not be one's first choice, spending a night in an airport is an inconspicuous place to cheat a days rest. Nobody said anything about sleeping well. But if you're questioning where you can go at odd times, it's a safe bet you'll pull through the night. Best for when you're already exhausted from giving it your all traveling.

Train Stations

Locations vary, but a quick nap throughout the day is often all you'll need to get back at it. Not as easy as an airport, but not difficult to do in the right spot. Worth the shot when moving between destinations if you couldn't sleep on the train.


Laying in a field of mother nature's grasp is a real vitalizing way to keep her in the city.  Whether you nap or sleep during the day, you can be sure to get some rest. It's when night falls that this relaxation becomes increasingly hard to stay. Cities often have rovers pushing you away, or you face many mysterious individuals in their own little world. Can always make something work in a park, and good to keep the look out throughout the day. You may never know if you need to come back for a lack of options.

That wraps up our alternative ways to lodging while adventuring out into this wonderful world. If you know any other good ways to spend your night, be sure to spread the word!