Spend Less Energy On The Naming Of Things, And More Time On The Experience Of Them

As human beings, our minds are driven to categorize all things. From grocery lists, race, sexual preference, or how you tie your shoelaces, it's a process we all spend energy doing.

Often we become so engrossed in creating these categories or differentiating between everything that we forgo the awareness for the very things that they are. 

Experience Gives Us Energy

The further we let things be as they may, and accept them for how they are, the burden of categorizing depletes itself. All that spent energy is now reinvigorated into our mind and body. With more time to devote to what's important, we reach our goals without haste.

Defining What Something Is Distracts Us

Whether a relationship or debate with a friend, honing down to the essential crisis only seperates us from experiencing it first hand. By taking it away and figuring it out, we in effect project ourselves, as if trying to place a square into a triangle. It's limiting. Also taking us out of the moment, we lose the inherent value in all things.

Missing out on what's before us riddles us a mystery of our existence.  To not exist is not left up to defining what is or isn't, for it is to be interacted with during our time here. We live it, experience it, and embrace it, or whatever it may be. It doesn't have to fit anything.

Experience Is Openminded

There is no black and white; this or that.  Everything is open for interpretation, and there is a lot to interpret. We expand our minds, seeing where things naturally go, rather than forcing it down an awkward path just to meet our expectations. 

Instead of "What Am I Doing?", ask:  Am I doing? Being something that we are, we can let go of surplus entanglements.

We Try To Match Naming Conventions

Always trying to live up to titles and other values, we miss out on who we are. Almost like being programmed to expect an outcome, we sacrifice our own values to reach another. It goes unnoticed, even when paying attention, for it lurks beneath our motives by being a base knowledge. We must relearn what we know, and plant a new field to harvest.

Alas, The Art Of Doing 

Just be. See, do, hear and feel. Let things come, then go, as all things are in a flux of change. What more need there to be?