Facing A Consumerist World

There's shops and items for purchase everywhere. At what point do you decide to draw the line, when enough is enough? We're led to believe we need to buy, buy, buy, for it is all we see. From billboards to seating advertisements, the world is permeated by an invitation for consumption.

With every problem comes a solution, and we think these short term fixes will enlighten us, or lift our burdens from us. They don't. We all know the reality of this: no matter how much we accumulate, we never feel better for ourselves; if anything, worse.

Understand what your problems are. What you'll see is that they aren't matters of material posessions, but a core deviation from your own source: mental, and internal struggles.

Wasting money into a fleeting object has no internal value. Therefore we're left to ourselves. If it supports our growth now and later, we know it has innate value for us. By understanding what is truly valuable in our life, for others, and all beings, we can reinterpret money for its use.

Clothes, cars, umbrellas, they all come at a cost. None fulfill us internally, and only drain our attention. The collection of money, and it's spending, all waste our vital time. In facing death, we may recharge our drive to accomplish what we set out for, and use money as a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

What kind of things are you still looking to do? You can't buy these experiences, relationships, or what have you. Money can aid you to make the next move, but your will to make it happen is the underlying force, and your purpose, the target.

In realizing that money is used by our void, we can make the change to buying with honest intent, forgoing purchases to make time for what we truly desire, or buying to fuel the fire of our passions.

Keep in Mind, The Sun of Time: 4 Ways to Reclaim your Desires

Forget not, the light in the sky

There you are, awaiting the closure of the day as the sun settles along the horizon. As it sputters away you're left in the darkness, alone. Thoughts begin rolling into mind on the reflection of your day. The day is of course, the only meaningful measurement of our lives. We rise to the sun, and lay to its absence. It's the time we may invest our intentions. Let us signify the radiance of the sun as our entry into effort as we reclaim its energy.

Awareness begets action

The day is anew, and in its waking, we are left to another thought: how to make the most of the day. By sunset, what is it that you wish to have accomplished? Did you leave the day behind knowing you've done everything within your power?

Often, we don't. Take this day for instance, if you could repeat the same day again, what would be the most important task you could have accomplished? Not reaching targets doesn't mean you've lost your journey, because the day doesn't mark the end. You are the ends maker. This isn't the time to cut back, but to instead rise to your own claims of desire. Don't reduce, increase actions!

Generate the impression of your most esteemed desire, and convert it into reality. Give attention, and concentrate. Acclaim your lost awareness by feeling the sun's breath, and far reaches of its warmth. As a new armor, wear it to give presence to the core motivations that lurk beneath. These new ways of thinking shall give rise to a new north star.

Go out with a bang

Awareness of death is the true motivator for living in fullness. In knowing our lives are limited in time, one must pursue the true motives that stir within us. Instill these impressions inside and use this new power to fuel the oncoming battle of wits as you're fighting yourself, and no one else. 

All problems are internal to the chaos of polarization. No matter what path you take, you'll hit the fork in the road where your values diverge one way or another. This is another aid to awareness. To reflect on the path you've taken presents the very thing you seek. It lines up your every move, till you come to a spot you're standing now. Every action, task, and hindrance in your life is the key to your next destination.

A Result in Time  

Become obsessed with the reality you wish to make, and it will be so. You're developing the aptitude for opportunities. Some may be now, and others later. You'll be presented with compounding choices if you have the will to do so.

If you're not preoccupied with where you're going, you'll never get there; nor become the person you want to become. Reshuffle the cards and reshape your being. If you're not afraid then you aren't on the right path. Disregard everything that will burden your journey for the long run, and devote zero further energy to it. Take the leap to get out there, and wet your feet. Now set sail for the new world.