Facing A Consumerist World

There's shops and items for purchase everywhere. At what point do you decide to draw the line, when enough is enough? We're led to believe we need to buy, buy, buy, for it is all we see. From billboards to seating advertisements, the world is permeated by an invitation for consumption.

With every problem comes a solution, and we think these short term fixes will enlighten us, or lift our burdens from us. They don't. We all know the reality of this: no matter how much we accumulate, we never feel better for ourselves; if anything, worse.

Understand what your problems are. What you'll see is that they aren't matters of material posessions, but a core deviation from your own source: mental, and internal struggles.

Wasting money into a fleeting object has no internal value. Therefore we're left to ourselves. If it supports our growth now and later, we know it has innate value for us. By understanding what is truly valuable in our life, for others, and all beings, we can reinterpret money for its use.

Clothes, cars, umbrellas, they all come at a cost. None fulfill us internally, and only drain our attention. The collection of money, and it's spending, all waste our vital time. In facing death, we may recharge our drive to accomplish what we set out for, and use money as a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

What kind of things are you still looking to do? You can't buy these experiences, relationships, or what have you. Money can aid you to make the next move, but your will to make it happen is the underlying force, and your purpose, the target.

In realizing that money is used by our void, we can make the change to buying with honest intent, forgoing purchases to make time for what we truly desire, or buying to fuel the fire of our passions.


Yes, you. You read that right. You're dumb, fat, and ugly, and there's nothing you can do about it! So buy useless shit to make yourself feel better about your pathetic life!

....ha, ha!

Who's laughing? I can guarantee you're not! The large companies stuffing their pockets and running to the bank are, though.

The Dumb

Selling you false hope and empty promises, these companies tailor to the weak-minded, insecure individuals who will desperately seek for a product to improve their garbage life...

..unbeknowst to some, you can change your life... FOR FREE!

A simple mind shift is all that is required.

The Fat

Go look in the mirror right now and find something you genuinely like about yourself. Your eyes, your hair, your jelly-rolls. Whatever the hell you want! Own that shit! All your flaws and imperfections. They make you, you.

Now, after that, it is time to educate yourself. Learn that you, and only you, have control over your emotions. Looking around at others for comparison is the quickest route to depression and anxiety.

The Ugly

Every minute of every day we are blitzed with advertisements, from the minute we wake up till the moment we lay our heads to sleep. From the day we're born till the day we die. Logos, brands, and products pollute our earth. Plastered on billboards, engraved in our clothing, advertised in our music playlists, we just cannot escape from all this nonsense.

The Uglier

We can learn to navigate through all the dunnage, however a lot of environmental factors influence our consumer purchases; from our family's brand choices, to our friends' opinions, and keeping up with the major brands celebrities and icons flaunt, we are always influenced and our opinions become warped and contorted.

The Ugliest

Eventually, we end up intertwined in a web of shit, wondering why the hell we bought some Gucci flip flops because some auto-tuned trap-rap artist mumbled it in one of his, umm.... songs..

This is not a declaration to abandon your nifty wristwatch or name-brand sneakers..'s a wake-up call!

It's Either You Or Them

You don't always need to update your posessions based on someone else's repertoire. If it was up to the companies, they would gladly feed your gluttony till you wobble home with a belly full of bankruptcy.

The message here is to be a little more mindful of our consumerism. If you desire a nice article of clothing, by all means, splurge a bit when acceptable and within your budget. If not, stash some spare change, skip eating out, and save up for what you wish to possess. It's that simple.

Still concerned?

If you're dumb... read a book!

If you're fat... exercise regularly and fuel your body with adequate nutrition!

If you're ugly.. well, that sucks! You can't fix ugly. ;-) But you can learn to love yourself for who you are, which is a beautiful human being, instead of wasting money on plastic surgery.

We don't wish to forcefully convert you to our opinions or lifestyle, but if you are interested in what we think a dollar well spent here at Polywander is, it's this: spend more money on experiences, and not material posessions.