How to be a Real Man - 3 Books to get Started

On our journey towards achieving the marvels of the universe, our masculinity comes first. If we aren't embracing our core, how could we integrate with the world beyond us? To understand our level of engagement, or even where our energy comes from, we build from three brilliant books:

The Way of the Superior Man

A favorite, kept short and sweet, saying what needs to be said and building the bridge for new understandings. From work, and desires for the feminine, it delivers key topics to infuse on your spiritual path. It's ground breaking in flipping your past associations over, and alleviates old ideas into the you you're about to become. If you're looking to amp up your knowledge of masculinity in a variety of instances, look no further

As a Man Thinketh

The best spare change you will ever spend, guaranteed. If you're debating the effectiveness of such a short book, don't! What's said will leave you silent in the humble truth of your being. A masterly crafted book that squeezes everything that is important into a few dozen pages.

If there's a book you'll carry at your side to revisit, it's this one. We recommend rereading it, and often. So much juicy goodness that confronts ourselves in no time at all, it'd be a crucial waste not to give it a chance.

As a Man Thinketh
By James Allen

The Alchemist

A priority read, no matter the topic. While not directly related to masculinity, the framework established herein about reaching one's personal legend will inspire another mindshift that a real man needs. See to it that if you've never heard of it, listen. Perk those ears of yours to the wind of change.

It's a journey that many face in their day to day, only to see our reality is not much different. Immersion into the world of a sheep herder onward his personal legend sparks the curiosity to go further. 

The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho