be yourself

Why to follow your own trends, and not that of others


You'll always stay your course

Never getting off track on a tangent you aren't naturally a part of allows you to be yourself, present and future. Your dailies root your values, and add up to your future idealization. Drifting course could be time for reflection, but you know yourself, and the path you're striving for. Grant yourself the courage to remain on track.

That being said, we must also take care to remain open and engaged with others; else become isolated with a course into a far away place. Lowering your view and missing out on the growth of others is to lose sight.

People become inspiration rather than a dependency

As you continue to be yourself, you look to others and see them for them. We give up expectations for others as they are not ourselves, living their own unique path. We can truly be free and in the moment, embracing the vicissitudes of life for what they are.

To follow others and give in to their path is one way to dependency; we stop living fully, giving only partial presence to ourselves, and rely on external people to fill us. To maintain our own reservoir means that any excess is ours to share. This not only gives us great personal strength to fill ourselves, but we create an environment of positivity.

We become complex together, rather than streamlined machines

Laying in a modern park one comes to feel grass. Layered greens of many shapes and harsh angles, it grows to be one of the same. All are cut to a crisp of same size, and length, achieving nothing more than a frozen period of its life. All possibilities are shaved away in sameness.

 Let's not be grass, but human. In our interaction may we become much more than one of the same, flat, and invaried patch. We are capable of so much more when we diversify and criss cross paths, becoming a multifaceted forest that breathes and shapes the wind.