Our Journey Home



Since we've been on the road, we've been constantly redefining what travel actually means to us.

At first, it was to go to places and see things - but, realistically, that is a shallow and neverending journey. You could manage to travel to a ton of places and see quite a bit of things, but there's no way it would be possible to see absolutely everything in one lifetime.

Then, it was to do things. There's literally infinite possibilities of things you could potentially do, and this only seems to become magnified while traveling. With limited time in one location and tons of stuff to do, one can easily cram their schedule full of activities, bouncing from one thing to the next without even taking a breath.

After all of these months traveling and seeing and doing everything we've wanted, it was time to take a different approach to our travels. It was time to be.

How ironic.

We've been here the whole time... or have we?



After visiting seven countries in the past four months (to make 15 countries visited thus far), we begun to reconsider our intentions of traveling in the first place. Were we merely just checking countries off the list, or were we legitimately experiencing them? Were we present during our time there, or were our heads filled with other thoughts of the past or future?

The concept of mindfulness is not new to us, and we'd consider ourselves quite knowledgeable of the subject. Yet, no amount of knowledge we could acquire would enhance our understanding of mindfulness, because we already have all of the information we need (spoiler alert: we all do.). The more “it” is sought to be understood, the less it is - much like trying to grasp onto air.

Better put by the ancient Tao Te Ching:

Without stirring abroad

One can know the whole world;

One can see the way of heaven.

The further one goes

The less one knows.

Therefore the sage knows without having to stir,

Identifies without having to see,

Accomplishes without having to act.

Our five-month long backpacking trip ultimately led to the realization that we didn’t have to go anywhere, or do anything whatsoever. We could simply exist where we were, in the present moment, and reap the same benefits. However, our journey did provide us with amazing life-changing experiences, friendships, and a new lens from which to view the vast world we all have the privilege to call home. ~