Keep in Mind, The Sun of Time: 4 Ways to Reclaim your Desires

Forget not, the light in the sky

There you are, awaiting the closure of the day as the sun settles along the horizon. As it sputters away you're left in the darkness, alone. Thoughts begin rolling into mind on the reflection of your day. The day is of course, the only meaningful measurement of our lives. We rise to the sun, and lay to its absence. It's the time we may invest our intentions. Let us signify the radiance of the sun as our entry into effort as we reclaim its energy.

Awareness begets action

The day is anew, and in its waking, we are left to another thought: how to make the most of the day. By sunset, what is it that you wish to have accomplished? Did you leave the day behind knowing you've done everything within your power?

Often, we don't. Take this day for instance, if you could repeat the same day again, what would be the most important task you could have accomplished? Not reaching targets doesn't mean you've lost your journey, because the day doesn't mark the end. You are the ends maker. This isn't the time to cut back, but to instead rise to your own claims of desire. Don't reduce, increase actions!

Generate the impression of your most esteemed desire, and convert it into reality. Give attention, and concentrate. Acclaim your lost awareness by feeling the sun's breath, and far reaches of its warmth. As a new armor, wear it to give presence to the core motivations that lurk beneath. These new ways of thinking shall give rise to a new north star.

Go out with a bang

Awareness of death is the true motivator for living in fullness. In knowing our lives are limited in time, one must pursue the true motives that stir within us. Instill these impressions inside and use this new power to fuel the oncoming battle of wits as you're fighting yourself, and no one else. 

All problems are internal to the chaos of polarization. No matter what path you take, you'll hit the fork in the road where your values diverge one way or another. This is another aid to awareness. To reflect on the path you've taken presents the very thing you seek. It lines up your every move, till you come to a spot you're standing now. Every action, task, and hindrance in your life is the key to your next destination.

A Result in Time  

Become obsessed with the reality you wish to make, and it will be so. You're developing the aptitude for opportunities. Some may be now, and others later. You'll be presented with compounding choices if you have the will to do so.

If you're not preoccupied with where you're going, you'll never get there; nor become the person you want to become. Reshuffle the cards and reshape your being. If you're not afraid then you aren't on the right path. Disregard everything that will burden your journey for the long run, and devote zero further energy to it. Take the leap to get out there, and wet your feet. Now set sail for the new world.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word minimalism? Do you envision people living bare-bones, owning zero possessions, receiving little satisfaction from the trinkets and gadgets they neglect to acquire? Or perhaps, do you imagine those that adopt a minimalist lifestyle abolish those that decide to indulge in life's material pleasures, claiming that they are filled with greed and selfishness?

Obviously,  the above examples are polar opposites, but chances are your view falls somewhere in between. At first when I stumbled across this concept, my opinion was there's no way I could just get rid of everything I own. Fortunately, you don't have to abandon your nearest and dearest possessions and memorabilia in pursuit of a simpler and richer life.

Minimalism is about simplification. Ridding yourself of the surplus you don't need, and in some cases don't even want. When we pursue the acquisition of material objects, we are rewarded with a heightened sense of enjoyment. Immediately engaged, we begin to grow accustomed to the satisfaction, albeit short-lived, provided by the so-called 'novelty factor' of said materials. In other words, when we buy a new toy, or sneakers, or other gizmos and gadgets, these will be fun and exciting until the newest version makes an appearance.

Coupled with that, we are consistently bombarded with advertisements, commercials, and the like; everything we are exposed to influences us in one way or another. When you turn on the television, what do you see? Maybe you just see a cool car or neat workout equipment. However, the images depicted are completely absurd, subconsciously implanting insecurities like a seed in your mind. Via consistent exposure, and measuring your worth and value against unrealistic expectations, this small seed blossoms into one ugly, disgusting thing. Always trying to keep up with the latest trend or fad is a recipe for failure.

Ridding yourself of other duties and obligations to spend time on what matters most is the takeaway here. Our time on this planet is limited, and we refuse to subscribe to the belief that life's grandeurs encompass acquiring useless objects that will deteriorate over time; rather, using our resources to provide experience, which is invaluable.

Destined for Destination

Our direction and willingness to keep seeking through the guidance of a future path summons our visioned destination. Without the conscious decision to make a change, no way emerges, and all paths come to an end. 

We must instill within ourselves the devotion to self-renewal. Pinpointing our movement and where we're drawn determines our direction. From there, adjustment is made by steering between that which is within bounds and out of bounds. Seeing where you're going overcomes short term obstacles by reducing their relevance, shrinking in its triviality.

To remain on your path once created is an arduous journey and the heart of one's character. You either make it or break it through the middle stage.

Make the choice, stick to it, and see where you're going. That's it. Conquer anything and everything. To follow through with self renewal terminates all boundaries clouded by an unfocused mind.


Our idea of self improvement is recaptured as self-renewal, and we'll go into specifics herein. The betterment of oneself in this case can be viewed in three disparate ways: indulgent, generating, and self renewal.


Efforts made to improve oneself and oneself only. This focus radiates its strength in independence. Bringing attention to what one is doing, thinking, and feeling, allows one to observe themselves at a distance. Impersonal and detached in ones viewing, they discover themselves from inside out. This is the first stage of our being. As a default we monitor only our role in the flux of life, giving no thought to the outer world in its seeming unconnectivity. What we do gain, is a harmonized consistency. Always on the lookout for what's relevant to our closest needs, we continue a cycle of temporary fulfillment. Limited in scope by not fully embracing the world, the object of this stage is protection. In the end, self-indulgence leads into isolation. To move into the next stage one must escape their own limitations and move from isolation into the real world by internalizing an open mind for indifference.


The second stage is the time in our life that we shift our thoughts into action beyond ourselves. By overcoming our short sightedness, we create and bring joy to our interaction with others. The object is to cultivate a gradiation between the inner and out worlds. Instead of a black and white palette, color breathes life into our pursuits. Every step and action is taken with a reference for totality. We bring with us the capability linked from our indulgence and translate results for others. Driven to see a new horizon of perception, we experience the plethora of indifference to ourselves and adapt to new circumstances. Ultimately the stage of change and connection. What is generated springs forth from personal involvement in the livelihood of another. Not of self-indulgence but other-indulgence. In causing the development of the outer world, we often ignore ourselves as a self-sacrifice. Amending to external events, we reshape ourselves to fit into shapes unknown to us. It is here where we lose connection with our core and values, becoming a mix and match of myriad choices that push us astray.


With this, we suggest a third stage. After one indulges into themself, and steers into the outer world to generate results for others, we come to the act of self renewal: the continual process of inner change, gifting ones learning to others, and remaining within the scope of this process. It's a commitment to change, forward thinking, and gifting our greatest strengths for the benefit of all (ourselves included). Any moment is a time for our attention. We act on the best interest of all, encompassing values beyond ourselves. Into this sacred place we persist towards the pursuit of changing our mindset to remain open and aware. It's in our fixation for positive experiences, and avoidance from the negative that we forget our real intentions in striving for an ideal. We must rise to every occasion with balance, and intent. Henceforth, let us declare to commit to go all the way and gift ourselves, and reach our ideals in the process.

Distant Nature

Who are we?

Nature isn't separate to our observations, nor experience. We are nature. We live it, breath it, and give birth to the continual flux that reinvigorates itself. To embrace ourselves is the key to achieving that which we value most. We mustn't forget the part we play. Our thoughts become our reality, and reality changes our thoughts. To release ourselves from our deepest knowledge, we leave our pursuits lost amid inattention to what's truly important. Don't just dream, do. Harnessing your nature is the first step to realize your ideal self by taking action today, with the awareness of what you are and what you're here to do.