3 Essential Steps For Mindful Travel


We’re about to undergo our first long-term expedition to South East Asia!

Until you’re actually on the brink of travel, there’s some essential truths that don’t quite faze you.

Nomatic Life on the Move

In the meantime, we're still working on some planning and other nitty-gritty details: whether to get pocket WiFi in Japan, how to snatch the cheapest flights, knowing what the best travel bags are, etc...

This has pinned us into a position for tremendous growth. We haven't done anything of the sort before... thus we either soar above our obstacles, or fail devastatingly!

I’m sure we’ll be okay… it’s not like we don’t have a job or a place to return to after… (we don’t).

After all this, we’ve narrowed down what you actually need for travel.

What do you need To Travel Long-term?

The first thing that pops into a lot of people's mind is money.

Well, you're not wrong… but money can be obtained.

You wouldn’t pack every piece of clothing with you in your travel bag, because you can buy anything you need in country. The same could be said about money, in that it’s available everywhere.

With the internet, it couldn’t be easier to make money in today’s age. Even in your home location, it’s not difficult to save a few bucks here and there to make travel possible.

So what are we missing?

Aside from the necessity of good health and wishful wanderlust, what's more important is intention and the mental strength to take action.

Yes, surprisingly people get stuck. As inspiring as travel can be, and how we always add destinations to our to-do list, we get further from it every day through inaction.

The reality: those with or without money that won't put the doing into play will never see travel.

To look at it in more detail, there's those that:

  • Scowered at the logistics of planning vs became creative in tackling new challenges

  • Sought safety out of fear vs living at your edge and continuously growing

  • Failing to save money vs assuming responsibility for yourself and investing in your future

Planning for destinations and how to get there, you realize there is no end to your search. There is always one more thing to tackle, one more problem to solve, one more place to go. If you can live your life fearlessly, then you simply change your position on the planet to another place and time.

If you’re not doing while home, you won’t be doing anything while traveling either.

 Therefore what we need to travel could be said to be qualities rather than things.

And the first thing that you’re going to need is to:

1 Mindful Travel Lives In The Present Moment


There is nothing to be had, felt, or experienced, that could make you more engaged in the present moment than you're already capable of being now. How you engage with the flow of your life is the life you're living. Be who you are at the core, and all else falls into place.

Working out the flow of your travel plans will be determined by the chaos or calmness that you express.

When you express your abundance, people attract to your ideas and consciousness. Your thoughts are open for others to comment and criticize, but more importantly, you air an aura that gives you power to pervade everything. The world opens up to you, all possibilities entangle, and your path is clear.

With a cloudy mind, you run through muddy waters and the resistance of your slashing. Everything becomes a problem, and your shortsightedness leaves you stranded.

Until you are present in the here and now, you're not ready to begin anything at all--be it travel or whatever else you can imagine.

It’s clear that we must be open and present in the moment if we are to embrace travel fully.




As a form of self-love, use your deep intuition in guiding you to share your light.

While travel might be glamorous for ourselves, we also have an impact on the world around us. This challenges us to travel mindfully. With every action we take, there’s a cause and effect. So what impact shall we make?

Travel for the sake of travel is empty. We must seek the destinations that allow us to come to a deeper understanding of our self, and thereby others—our journey shared by theirs.

Penetrating the world fully in love you'll extend to the furthest outreaches, and meet all the giddy smiles along the way.

Lowly desires and false projections step aside when you live at your fullest potential, creating the life you truly wish to live.

Anything that is wrong for you, is immediately discarded as you trail-blaze ahead. You may go with peace at every obstacle, for you live without regrets, and the knowingness of who you are becomes your north star from moment to moment.


3 Mindful Travel Is An Opportunity To Share Your Greatest Gifts


Are you giving them freely?

By living for the contribution we may bring for others, our current experiences and activities may be directly translated. There is no after thought of our actions that we must translate into a loving presence, for we are that presence.

We may relax into what we are doing, for we know that we are doing the best we can. By sharing for all to see, we inspire a shift in other's thinking that redeems our struggles and tribulations.

Gifting our self then enables others to share themselves. While traveling this could be free room and board, a quick lift or even a new travel mate. This is a cycle of giving, and one well rewarded. It recharges us, day by day.

Sometimes we all get into a funk, but together we can bring more abundance into our lives!

What is mindful travel to you? We'd love to see what you can come up with! Share it with us in the comments below.

Our quest for natural wonders led us to Mt. Fuji. So we decided to invite anyone that would like to come on the 18th of October, 2019. See below…