Reset. Recharge. Resume.


Life can be hard. Sometimes people may be pulling your attention away from what truly matters to you, or you spend your energy on others at your sacrifice. No matter the course we take, we all get lost in this mix. But whether you get out or not is up to you.

You know yourself better than anybody, yet occasionally getting that extra hand can make the difference between your next few steps, and venturing out to your defeat. Knowing here and now that you're not quite where you want to be just yet, we can begin working on those next steps.

We'll be showing you 3 easy steps that took us out of a funk when directing our own lives. Let's begin!


Step 1 - Reset


Just as you would start writing on a blank sheet of paper, clear your mind. Forget about what happened yesterday, what chaos is turning up now, and how it will affect your life later. Just be in the present moment.

With nothing to do and nowhere you need to be, you may finally relax. Incessant searching stops.

Ease into a state of new intentions. This sense of transition permeates your being, letting you fill into your body and mind as you are. All ideas of yourself meet an inner harmony, centering you.

In this distilled moment, realize your full potential. Unlock the burdens that have kept your innate qualities at bay, and allow them to aid in your next direction.

If you're not feeling it, then try our meditation to get your mind and body in sync. By relaxing, you'll come to your senses.


Step 2 - Recharge


Take a deep breath.

Allow the fresh oxygen to permeate not only your lungs, but the entirety of your being.

Visualize the flowing through your body: beginning at the belly, traveling through the spinal cord, all the way to your brain. Back down, through your chest, arms, and hips, eventually through your feet and wiggling toes.

With a deep exhalation, feel yourself becoming more grounded to the planet you live on.

After clearing your mind and grounding yourself, it is time to align your thoughts in accordance with your goals and desires.

  • What can you do today to not only enhance the quality of your life, but those around you?

  • What does the big picture look like for your life?

Attach your mind to the completion of your goals, and visualize the sensations that will be associated with such accomplishments. Upon doing so, these goals become more realistic, and your daily actions will naturally guide you toward success, as a sort of internal compass. 

Visualizing your future enhances our appetite for creative adventures. Our boldness knows lesser bounds, we challenge the status quo, and we seek that which we must in absence of fear.

Using this re-invigoration, chart your next course.

Step 3 - Resume


After you have reset your internal dialogue, and given time to recharge your vision, it's time for us to resume where we left off.

The acquisition of new possessions or experiences will not determine the quality of our lives. Instead, it begins with recognizing that we are wholesome at this point in time, and shifts to realize that what we desire to become is always a work in progress.

To make the changes we need, we must set our vision within the realms of concrete action. Applied now, unleash your energy to that of your goals. You know where you are, you know what your ambitions are, now fill in the gaps by narrowing it down into tangible steps.

What gets you from point A to point B? Make a note of it. Repeat until able to perform those steps.

You have your whole life ahead of you, so get back into it!

We hope this encouraged you to take action and get the ball rolling. Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below!