Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Journal

In today’s digital mostly paperless world, the idea of a journal might come off as outdated and old school. But, as you grow older, so does the advantages of keeping a journal grow stronger. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should keep one:


1 - It’s a haven for your private thoughts

Your journal is a haven for you, your mind, as well as your most profound and personal thoughts. It’s a place where you express your thoughts without worrying about judgment or the way other people will look at you. No one is allowed to read your journal unless you let them so feel free to write anything that is in your heart whether good, bad, happy or sad.


2 - It helps you visualize the future

You may have big dreams about your future. Dreams that may seem impossible and you feel uneasy about telling your family or close friends. You don’t have to worry because your journal is there for you. Simply write down everything about your desired future. In the end, the only person you truly want to convince that your dreams can become a reality is yourself.

You can go ahead and be as specific as you wish. Write down the career you want, relationships and love, the kind of house you want to live in and so on. Simply use your journal to put your future into your own hands.


3 - Helps to capture your genius ideas    

Journal writing is a way to capture your spontaneous ideas and keep your dreams alive until the right moment comes to put them in play. Getting them on paper is the first step to conceiving them! Therefore, whenever an idea crosses your mind, just grab your journal and write it down. Returning to your journal during slumps and down periods also gives you that added boost to your life. When scatter-minded, you know where to turn to get back on track. Sometimes we get so tunnel visioned that we forget what's important to us. Let this be our reclamation of ourselves, and our future.


4 - It helps chronicle your life’s highlights and achievements

Your journal not only helps you focus on where you are going but it also helps you remember how far you have come. You need to remember what you did in the past that worked. You need to remember the type of attitude and mindset you had when you took on your most significant challenges so that you can stay true to who you are as you move forward.

New challenges often seem like new monsters, but you can conquer them just like you did in the past. Focusing on past highlights and achievement can be incredibly empowering as it gives you the confidence that is needed to overcome future obstacles.


5 - Journaling creates clarity

The human brain is capable of processing millions of thoughts, emotions, and ideas every day. At the end of the day, you will need to sort out which thoughts to keep and which ones to get rid of. Use your journal to write down where you are mentally rather than letting your thoughts confuse you while you attempt to make sense and process the day. Write down, take notes and organize your thoughts and then see how you feel afterward.


6 - Journals help you keep track of your overall development

Life goes by pretty fast and sometimes it’s hard to notice what is happening around you at each moment. You hardly see the progress you make in your life gradually, and before you know it, it’s already the future, and you have no idea how you got there. Journal writing lets you see how you have changed over time, so you can look at the times you did the right things and the times you took a misstep and fell. Through your journal, you are able to know where the misstep was and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. In other words, journal writing helps you learn from your mistakes.


7 - Journals ease personal growth

The truth is, no matter what you will end up writing in your journal, it is hard not to grow from it. Of course, you will look at a past entry where you acted shamefully and agree that you will never make another dumb choice again. That is why a journal makes such a powerful tool in helping you achieve your goals, become a better person or generally just personal development. Regardless of what you use your journal for; you will eventually see a definite improvement of yourself.


8 - Become your own therapeutic resource

When you have something that is bothering you, just write it down. Let your thoughts out on paper without editing or judgment. This way, you can figure out how you feel and the more you write, the higher the chances that your feelings might change. When you need to share something without the need of social interaction, journals can provide the same feeling of self-disclosure.


9 - Become a master Problem-solver

One of the most fulfilling uses of the journal is problem-solving for both your personal and professional life. Penning down your problems offers you the right approach needed to attract the right solution. Sometimes all it takes is to externalize your issues, seeing them beyond yourself. Bottling up information can leave you distracted at any stimulation, pulling and pushing you in every way.


10 - Make Decisions of a lifetime

You can use your journal to list down the pros and cons of something when you are faced with the need to make a difficult decision about it. Write down all the possible outcomes and use what you have to guide you down the decision-making process. After habitual use, you'll come to see the patterns of yourself that may be instrumental to your future endeavors.


If you're looking for a journal to use, we recommend Moleskine notebooks. They are cheap, sturdy, and have perfect thickness for no bleeding between pages, but soft enough for an easy writing session. Journals aren't just for work and writing, as they act as catalysts for creativity and change. Use them wisely!


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