How to Live Mindfully Series - Now or Never


Why mindfulness? Wouldn’t mindlessness be easier? Yes, yes it would.

That’s why mindfulness has value. It’s the hard path, the one with most resistance; that is, until trained. Your mind is but a tool for your use. How you use it is solely dependent on you. We all need mindfulness for our well-being, and Polywander is here to help sharpen your mind. Take today to commit to a change. See through the first in this series on how to live mindfully, and accomplish a new change in lifestyle for a better you.

Now or Never



Your first day of mindfulness will begin with a focus on what it is. There are many associations, but intrinsically mindfulness is the present; this very moment. Everything you interact with or deal with revolves around the present moment. Even the projection of your seemingly distant desires and future planning, start as a basis from this moment. From what you've ate in the last hour, to the stress from your day to day grind, they all manifest from our reality of the present. Are you here, now? Or are you wandering?

Start Breathing



Mindfulness is breathing. You’re only conscious of your breathing when you focus in on it. Then you can’t stop controlling it. You become agitated to your common rhythms and go against the flow. Once the battle is over, conscious thought is lost and normal breathing reigns again. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to switch between the two. Engaging mindfulness at the onset is confronting your shadow, leaving yourself to fight your worst fears. This is how it begins, but it doesn't have to end this way.

Regain Balance



Focusing on the breath takes us out of our mind and into our body. We give rise to the sensations of our bodily motions and aches. We've become so hurried that we've forgone our basic bodily needs. In addition, you'll come to relinquish a space for your mind to wander. Setting aside some time for your thoughts allows you to self reflect on current happenstance. Using this time we may decipher how we are in the moment, resetting ourselves to a new balanced state.

Open your Eyes



The next stage is awareness. You’re under the spell of awareness when you experience life, and see that it is happening alongside your experience. It just is. Your perception of it doesn’t change what it is. Nor does it change your experience internally, if you don’t let it. Therefore we are in a flux of play, where we place focus on this or that, deciding to be open or closed to life itself.

We may live harmoniously with it, or separate ourselves from the world. We grow to become more intentional in the acts that we participate, or do not participate in. We see that we are forever entangled in a web of unique experiences to be had and shared. Everyone is on their own unique journey, and we are having ours.

Create Value



This gives us the perspective we need to bring compassion into our lives. Give without seeking in return. Experience, then let things wander away into the distance. The impermanence of all things provokes its value. Living means so much more when you know its temporary, but you don’t fret for that's life. You become who you want to be, not waiting for it to come as you know that the present is all there really is. The impending realization drives us to act. If you lose your path, seek the truth of the moment and all power is reverberated.

Make a Decision



It’s easy to get drunk, avoid your fears, and fall in line with others not willing to live at their edge. We get it, and we’ve all been there. This is where our decision matters most, whether to follow mindfulness or not. Here we sit on the fence. On one side we see fields of challenge, change, and growth; the other bearing stagnancy, conformity, and degeneration. The choice is yours.


How do you apply mindfulness in your daily life? We’d love to hear back from your personal journey! Just scroll down to the comments section and leave your mark.