Try these 4 mindfulness techniques to improve your life today


Just breathe

In. And out.

Take a moment from the surge of life and simply be still. Take a deep breathe, and release. Hear the rum of sounds ravish your ears. Bring attention before you to the shades of color that meld together. Follow the contour of form, trailing this way and that. Life is inspiring when we take the time, even ten minutes, to look upon it.

Engaging our sight onto external events is a great doorway to mindfulness. Becoming the observer, we melt into a new mindset of discovery and self renewal. Continue to see differently, and improvement will come.


Take a walk

Get outside. University College London conducted a study over 10 years tracking those that walked regularly and found that it reduced cardiovascular events by over 30%! With reduced illness, we enable ourselves to tune into what's truly important. The health benefits of regular walks lay the foundation for our minds.

We become desensitized as we clutter our minds with information and get bogged down into our daily rituals. As simple as it may appear at first, talking a walk is an immediate refresher. By taking 10 minutes out of our day, to simply walk, we allow ourselves to be mindful. By letting yourself fall into a pattern of body-movement, we let go of the past and enter a new world. With every new step, we broaden our horizon for change.



Remove the shoes and plant down

Like most of the modern world, your feet are probably covered. This separation to the natural planet denies of us vital energy. The result of which has sprouted the idea of Earthing, or connecting flesh to dirt.

Begin by removing the extremities from your feet and wiggle those toes! You're an amazing being with so many complexities and simplicities. Feel your body from head to toe. Embrace the feel of your skin, the bounce of your hair, and scars from years ago. Bring it all down, down to the ground. Find a spot of earth and go barefoot. The great wonder below is a powerful force, and one best aligned with. By grounding, we reduce the stress in our lives and improve our sleep. You'll feel the difference.

By aligning your purpose with your actions, you'll restore your very grounding. The important stuff is often an undercurrent. It's reoccurring, but never on the surface. We see ourselves becoming something, and may like or dislike the changes, but we change no less.

By taking ten minutes out of our schedule to focus, we realize we don't need very much at all. In these few moments, our direction becomes clear and we feel released from false constraints. Petty squabbles fade into the background, and we emerge anew with purpose.

Our lives can change in a manner of seconds, upon seeing our future or assumed shortcomings.  The possibilities are endless, but they begin by taking a look after yourself, and reimagining yourself. Be self-compassionate.

Now your turn 

What other methods do you use to be more mindful in your life?  Share your thoughts with us!