6 Productivity Tips On The Go

In today's society, we are always on the go. Commuting to and from our place of employment on multi-lane expressways, communicating via text, tweet, call, and other apps on our smart-phones, indulging in fast-food versus opting for a home-cooked meal.

These daily habits are all too commonplace these days. Our culture has put a serious emphasis on being busy, emphasizing quantity over quality when it comes to productivity, material possessions, and work-life balance.

We are always in a hurry, always on the clock- go go, go! I've got people to see, places to go, and things to do! We've all been there before. Sometimes, we only need a way to manage the chaos, not rid ourselves of it. So today we'll begin with 6 productivity tips to amp you up.

Tip 1: Write It Down

Tip 1: Write it down

If a thought keeps coming back to you, write it down. That way, you can remove it from your mind, and let go. You'll feel far more relaxed knowing it's taken care of. You can always come back to it, but when it's running through your head endlessly, you're letting it run your life. Be in charge! Everything else gets lost in your furious pursuit.

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If it's not on paper (or digital device), you'll forget it. Our short-term memories only go so far, and the result of forgetting often comes at a much greater price. If we don't take action in the moment, then nothing gets accomplished. Not everything is done all at once, and so you do need a reminder to get it done.

Tips 2: Know What's Important


Tip 2: Know WHats important

Have a threshold for what should be done versus what you're doing to stay busy. After you get into writing everything down, you don't just want to write anything. Identify what must be done: usually one to two things. Use them as your north star! Whatever else is slowing you down, automate it. Birthday reminders and card senders can be done digitally. Several meetings can be condensed, or done virtually. Mentors will also give you that added boost!

Tip 3:  Tackle The Small Stuff First


Tip 3: Tackle the small stuff first

Our priorities can be all over the place, especially during a time crunch. Bouncing between subjects and events, we displace our time on too many things. Focus and narrow it down to the essentials. Reroute to your north star. If it aligns, start with the easiest projects and tasks. Then move upward. If you can skip steps, do so--you didn't need them anyway.

Tip 4: Plan in Advance


Tip 4: Plan in advance

If your day to day is full of activity, preparation in advance can be a life-saver. Know where your down time is so you can knock stuff out, or dedicate it towards what personally matters; i.e., learning, reading, etc. Your life is bigger than your immediate tasking. Make sure you're on track of your personal life as you are on the external pushes and pulls of the world.

Tip 5: (Ironically) Stop!


Tip 5: Stop!


End the rush. To be on the go warrants a future stop. Re-engage with your body, and how you feel. Are you aching or feeling pain? Dealing with eye strain from working non-stop? A break can recharge you to come back with 10 times the effort. Don't be afraid to cut loose and catch your breath. Don't wait till you're done to relax. Start early, and add in refreshers throughout your work.

Tip 6: Be Ambitious


Tip 6: Be Ambitious

If you're hammering out tasks that are too easy, you're surely to get a lot done, but that's being efficient. You want to be effective. Imagine the hardest endeavour you could possibly do. Now do it. The incremental steps to get there will cut out unnecessary tasks along the way, saving you countless time and energy.


What tips do you have to offer? Add it below so others can benefit too!