How to Travel Japan on a $40 Budget - Day 32 Osaka 5/8

Where did we end up in Japan today?

Osaka, Japan. It’s Saturday, the 10th of November, 2018. With another early wake up at 0400, we sped to the library to meditate, read and journal as if it were Christmas day. How would you craft your perfect morning? For us it doesn’t get much better than this.

Where did we stay today in Osaka?

We were going to stay another night at Hostel Wasabi, but we were informed that the price had doubled due to it being the weekend. There was no way that’d work for our budget, so we hit the road and booked a night at Sun Village Hostel.

What did we explore today in Osaka?

We aligned with our morning rituals

The reality of travel is that days are jam-packed with inconsistencies as environments change non-stop. While this is rather exciting and fun for us, staying grounded with our habits is important. Waking up early and reserving the wee morning hours to read, write, meditate, and get going for the day has helped us tremendously in remaining mindful during our busy lives on the road.

We cracked open a book at the library

Do people read like this anymore?

Do people read like this anymore?

Manga, science fiction novels, art collections, travel guides, and other genres filled up the book shelf within this hostel. The expansive collection had us yearning to gain some knowledge, so we sat down and began reading, finding inspiration in the countless Southeast Asia travel guides.

They had travel books with images, which was perfect for us. Being intuitive personality types (INTJ, INFP), visual mediums have a unique spark for our inspiration in comparison to traditional narrative structures. Some things can't be said; they must be shown.

We believe that sharing images of our travels is far more valuable than writing down a list of places, numbers to call, places to eat, etc.

What do you think? Does it help narrow your selections down when deciding to see a place before going?

We stood in fright at the Namba Yasake Shrine

Ema-den looking fierce.

Ema-den looking fierce.

The Namba Yasaka shrine was located on the route we were walking already, so we veered off for a moment to check it out. Although the area was rather small, the main point of interest was clearly the lion's head building, or Ema-Den as it is called. It is said the lion is to ward off evil spirits, and is home to a few popular festivals early in the year.

We recommend checking out the Namba Yasaka because it's a unique building and a lot less busy than other shrines. Oh, and it's free!

We left the country and went to Korea Town


After walking all day with our luggage on our backs, we were pretty drained and ready for some tasty grub.

We figured we’d head out to Korea town to find a variety of tasty eats, but all we found was kimchi and fried meats. They did have a DIY pickling kit, which was interesting: raw cabbage and pickling juice were sold separately for consumers to prepare themselves. The line for the fried cheese was the longest, though.

Not quite what we were looking for…


We ended up finding some curry a couple blocks away, which was delicious as always. We can't wait to learn how to prepare all of our new favorite foods!

Did we make our $40 budget in Osaka today?

Food: ¥3196 / $28.12

Transport: $0 - Walking everywhere!

Lodging: ¥1572 / $13.81

Sightseeing: $0

Other: $0

Total: ¥4766 / $41.93

Merely at the mark, so we say yes.

The food was expensive for the area considering we’re away from the major hub of Osaka, but it wasn't too bad either.

Tomorrow we’re headed for Kobe, so be sure to check in and see how we do for our $40 budget! Until then, thanks for reading.