How to Travel Japan On A $40 Budget – Day 19 WWOOF 4/10

Where are we today in Japan?

Keihoku, Japan. It’s Sunday, October 28, 2018, and our fourth day WWOOFing with our excellent hosts.

What did we do today WWOOFing in Japan?

It was our day off from working in the farm, and we were free to do as we pleased today. Our hosts insisted we explore the area a bit, so that's just what we did.

We biked through the rice fields to catch the sunrise

polywander-what-to-do-in-keihoku-japan-must-see (6).jpeg

Out for an early ride, we fired up our bodies and witnessed the provider for our planet: the sun.

Getting some sunshine in the morning is a sure way to bring vibrancy into your day, and it brings with it countless health benefits. Being in flow with our circadian rhythms, we operate on a natural clock and are in synchronization with the world around us.

While we always want to linger in bed under the warmth of our blankets, the choice to get up and get going is always the right path for us to take.

On the other side of action is the result of the life you desire to create, not by staying where you are. By being disciplined and stepping outside of our comfort zones frequently, we can enter into the next stages of our lives confidently.

We then relaxed our bodies and minds with yoga and meditation, courtesy of our Japanese host

Our host is a Zen Buddhist and has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. Every Sunday, he hosts yoga classes and anybody is welcome to attend. Being guests of his, we couldn't deny the opportunity to participate in the yoga session!

Yoga eased our stiffness, but also highlighted areas we didn’t know were tight. It's a great counterbalance to farm work—a yin-yang relationship of sorts.

Right after the yoga session we eased right into meditation. Sitting in lotus pose and holding our hands at our knees, we sat quietly. After some time had passed, our hosts provided us with a script to reference for some chanting.

Now, chanting wasn’t something we’ve done before. We didn't exactly know how to participate, so it caught us off guard when they started. Listening to them vocalize was an engaging experience, but instead of participating, we focused on our breathing while humming in tune.

After meditation, we enjoyed some roasted green tea and a light snack, talking with our hosts and their friend. You just don't hear, let alone participate, in any of these tiny discussions between boarding the next train or temple sightseeing, so it was a nice change of pace for us.

We pedaled wobbly bicycles out to a distant temple in a Japanese forest

polywander-what-to-do-in-keihoku-japan-must-see (19).jpeg

For lunch, we had tofu sandwiches with adzuki beans and rice. Fresh vegetables on the side paired with some green tea made for an excellent meal!

The unlimited combination of organic, animal-free products boasting unreal flavor was like a party in our tastebuds, each and every bite. Every meal inspired us in so many ways, and we were convinced then that a vegan lifestyle was the way to go.

Happy and full, we took off on an adventure with the bicycles. Riding up steep hills with a flat tire and loose bike frame was definitely challenging, but the serenity of the forest made it all worth it.

Huge green trees stood tall and the streams flowed effortlessly all around us; it was magical.

polywander-what-to-do-in-keihoku-japan-must-see (21).jpeg
polywander-what-to-do-in-keihoku-japan-must-see (22).jpeg

Venturing out as far as we could in this remote area, we finally met up with the Joushoukou Temple after feeling the lactic acid build up in our legs. Walking the grounds, we heard the birds chirp as water swooshed and fell silent amongst the trees.

Looking above into the height of the trees, we could see the sun shining through, glimmering between the leaves. We roamed along the mossy paths through the forest, inhaling the fresh mountain air the whole way.

Soon after it was time to leave as the sun had began to set. The sun sets rather early here in Japan, which is great for us being morning birds and all.

Hopping back on the bikes, we felt the breeze on our faces as we zoomed downhill through the forest roads. It was a real joy for us. We were mindfully engaged during the whole process, our smiles stretching ear to ear, faces lit underneath the golden glow.

polywander-what-to-do-in-keihoku-japan-must-see (14).jpeg

Other than the occasional passing car, we had the road to ourselves. The sun continued flickering through dense trees, warming our flesh in the bitter shade. The odor of moldy curbsides, rotting tree stumps, and a faint whiff of the slow moving stream brought our attention right where it needed to be as we drifted with the wind back to the farm.

How much did we spend budgeting in Keihoku, Japan?

Food: $0

Transport: $0

Lodging: $0

Sightseeing: $0

Other: $0

Today: $0

Did we make our $40 budget today?

Yes, and we're still turning our numbers around from previous over-expenditures.

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Until next time, safe travels!