How to Travel Japan On A $40 Budget – Day 12 Kyoto 3/6

Where are we today in Japan?

Kyoto, Japan. Another day of nice weather and clear skies! We've been waking up early to beat the crowds and see what Kyoto has to offer.

What did we do today in Kyoto?

With a lot of walking to start us off…

We visited burials, pagodas and temples at Kurodani


Trekking through the streets of Kyoto is one thing, but to run into tombstones and temples honoring the dead provided us with another glimpse of authentic Japanese culture.


These grave sites tend to be much larger and better maintained in comparison to others we've experienced before. The different viewpoints of life and death vary among cultures and it is interesting to experience Japan's take on such matters.

We strolled along the Philosopher’s Path

We explored a small region of the area, including the Anraku and Hounen-in Temples. Lots of walking was done only to reach blocked off areas without warning; it was rather disappointing. We'd recommend taking your travels elsewhere to maximize your time in Kyoto.

We also made it up to the Higashiyama Jisho Temple, but didn't want to pay the entrance fee just to take a couple of photos. Perhaps another time when the budget permits.

We walked along the expansive perimeter of the Imperial Palace

A crow photo-bombed an entrance at the Imperial Palace

A crow photo-bombed an entrance at the Imperial Palace

An enormous and spacious park surrounded the Imperial Palace, so we walked along the outside and enjoyed the cool Autumn breeze. 

While wandering around, Ben had accidentally stepped a little too close to the ledge and some sirens went off. Who would've thought that they had lasers guarding the palace!? Pretty up-to-date security measures!

We met boars at Goou Shinto shrine while walking along the west side of Imperial Palace


Just across the road from the Imperial Palace, this shrine was filled with people at such a random time. It was the first time we saw boars idealized as much as here. Usually they are a nuisance in lore and stories, but here it felt much different seeing it from another angle.

After all of that was said and done, we called it a day after walking for hours. Making a pit-stop at the local supermarket, we stocked up on cheap groceries and headed back to our hostel Kyotokko for the night. 

How much did we spend budgeting in Kyoto, Japan?

Food: ¥1700 / $15.02

Transport: ¥462 / $4.08

Lodging: ¥2010 / $17.76

Sightseeing: $0

Other: $0

Today: ¥4173 / $36.86

Did we make our $40 budget today in Kyoto?

Thankfully, yes! At the cost of spicing up our travels, we lowered our overall costs. Was it worth it? Maybe, maybe not. 

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Until next time, safe travels!