How to Travel Japan On A $40 Budget- Day 8

Can you travel Japan on just $40 a day? We have 1 month in Japan to figure that out. Follow our blog to see how we travel Japan on a tight budget.

Where did we end up today?

Nagoya, Japan.

We had left our hostel early in the morning from Matsumoto to check out some local sights before proceeding with our journey towards Nagoya.

Where did we stay in Nagoya?

We chose to stay at Nagoya Travelers Hostel for the evening. For a reasonable price, we were provided a comfortable bed and a nice lounge and kitchen area to prepare our budget meals. If you're searching for lodging in the Nagoya area, you can't go wrong with Nagoya Travelers Hostel!

What did we explore today?

Fukashi and Matsumoto Shrine


We woke up with the sun and hopped on some bicycles provided by the Thank You Hippopotamus hostel and pedaled down a couple streets to check out some shrines.


Although nothing too crazy, we did enjoy visiting the shrines and temples early in the morning before it got too warm outside. We also received a small glimpse into the history of Matsumoto and the surrounding area.

Matsumoto Castle


Matsumoto Castle was next on the list when it opened up to visitors at 0900. Being one of the only castles that had not been either burnt down, rebuilt, or a combination of the two, it draws a lot of visitors for its historical significance.

Surrounded by a large moat inhabited by countless koi fish, Matsumoto Castle displayed some of the most aesthetic architecture we had seen, castle-wise, to date.


For an entrance fee, visitors can take a tour through the inside of the castle and feel the rustic atmosphere as they squeak about, peering through the windows down upon the city.

After wandering around Matsumoto, we grabbed our bags from the hostel and boarded the train headed to Nagoya.

When we arrived, we checked into our hostel and dropped our bags off. We went to wander around the city for a bit and managed to get our hands on some cheap grub from the nearby 7-11, retiring for the evening shortly thereafter.

Traveling days take up a lot of our energy, robbing our time in transit and breaking our bank doing so. That leaves us with an important question:

Did we make or break our $40 budget?

Food: ¥2576 / $22.96

Transport: ¥4279 / $38.17

Due to slight confusion in the train routes, we had ended up purchasing a ticket unnecessarily. Although we did arrive at our intended destination earlier, we could've saved the cash and rode the intended route.

Lodging: ¥2207 / $19.67

Sightseeing: ¥600 / $5.45 Matsumoto Castle

Other: $0

Total: ¥9662 / $86.25

It's a clear no for today. The train situation along with a higher expenditure for food derailed our expenses for the day.

One can really push themselves to the limits and take things slow, but we took the speediest method costing ourselves in the end. How much time would you need to keep your budget down? Let us know in the comments below!

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