How to Travel Japan on a $40 Budget - Day 35 Departure

Can you travel Japan on just $40 a day? This is our last day in Japan to calculate our expenses. Stay tuned for an updated total!

Where did we end up today in Japan?

It's Tuesday, the 13th of November, 2018. 

We boarded our Air Asia flight at 2200, and were thousands of feet into the troposphere in transit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon after.

We touched the ground around 0430, and had a layover for a couple hours until 0700. When the time came, we climbed back on board the plane, this time destined for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Where did we stay the night in Japan?


In the air!

We had a red-eye flight from 2200-0430, so we (attempted) to catch some shut-eye aboard the plane, but the crying babies on board didn't necessarily have the same idea in mind.

What did we explore today in Osaka?

We wanted to end our last day in Japan with a bang.

But first, we left the hostel early in the morning to the nearest 7-11. Lugging around ¥1 coins this whole time, we found a lychee drink to get rid of all 88 of them. What a relief!

Then off we went and...

Absorbed the last of Japan's architecture at Sumiyoshi Taisha


Being one of Japans oldest shrines, we felt privileged to end the day here. 

It's said to have been constructed without Asian influence - purely Japanese. The way it was designed is called Sumiyoshi zukuri, one of three Japanese styles. What makes it stand out is that the roofs are much straighter than other shrines built before Buddhism.

Usually shrines are built near the sea as protection to sailors, and other things. So one can assume that while it is not near the ocean now, it used to be at one point having been constructed early 200-300 era.

We viewed master artistry atop Kishiwada Castle 


On the train to the airport, Garrett found a random castle on the map inroute. Deciding to take a detour, we found one of the coolest spots for the day.

Being two of three visitors to the castle, it's safe to say we nearly had the place to ourselves. For the inexpensive fee of ¥300, we toured the museum inside the castle, working our way up to the third floor.

From there, we got an amazing view of Osaka. We could see the mountains, the sea, and the tiny people roam about on bicycles and whiz by on trains.

A group of elementary school students yelled "ohayou gozaimasu" to us from down below, and we saw roofs plastered with tarp to mitigate the damage caused by the recent typhoon.


Looking at the impressive karesansui (rock garden) down below, a local enlightened us of the history of the garden.

Apparently, the sand (intricately designed in circular patterns) represented the original layout of the Kishiwada Castle, while the eight rock formations displayed the mythological battle formations of Zhuge Liang, a Chinese General. The eight stones represented heaven, earth, wind, bird, cloud, tiger, dragon, and serpent.

This detail would have slipped us by if we were visiting the area by ourselves, so we were lucky to have someone explain it to us. We find that the locals are very welcoming to guests exploring the country and are happy to share their knowledge with us. Sharing our itinerary with the lady, we were informed that she had lived in Vietnam for a few years. What a coincidence!

We passed by Kishiki Shrine


On our way to the train station we encountered yet another shrine tucked away from the streets.

The Kishiki shrine grounds were desolate, aside from the construction crew hard at work on the surrounding buildings.

We learned that a couple festivals take place here each year as well, but sadly not in time for us. Check if any festivities are scheduled when you plan to visit!

We enjoyed a sunset at Marble Beach


Walking along the stones and pebbles of Marble Beach, we witnessed an epic sunset displayed by Mother Nature herself. Brilliant hues of golden-yellow rays pierced through the dense, dark clouds above the ocean waves. Planes took off from the strip just across the bridge at the Kansai Airport as we recounted our time in Japan. What a great way to end our visit!

We said farewell to the Land of the Rising Sun

A bit early to the airport, we indulged in some udon before checking into our flight. Filling our bellies once more with Japanese cuisine was a delightful refreshment to chill out for a bit before boarding our flight.

How much did we spend on our last day in Osaka, Japan?

Food: ¥1792 / $15.74

Transport: ¥1218 / $10.70 (Flight was purchased months ago)

Lodging: $0 (Slept on flight to Vietnam)

Sightseeing: ¥300 / $2.63 (Castle entrance fee)

Other: ¥280 / $2.46 (Had to print out visas for Vietnam)

Total: ¥4681 / $41.13

Did we make our $40 budget in Japan today?


Now, the real question is, did we make our budget of traveling Japan for $40 a day? Stay tuned for that post coming soon!

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Thanks again for the support!