How to Travel Japan On A $40 Budget- Day 34 Osaka 7/8

Can you travel Japan on just $40 a day? We’re so close to the end here, so stick tight and find out with us! Stay updated on our blog or check us out on Facebook.

Where did we end up today in Japan?

We're back in Osaka for our final full day in Japan. Tomorrow we head out to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where we'll be for roughly two weeks.

This means that tomorrow is when we determine how much we spent and if a $40 budget really is enough to travel Japan.

Where did we stay the night in Osaka?

We booked a night at Air Hostel.

What did we explore today in Osaka?

After a trip to the supermarket at Kobe train station, we picked up some cheap groceries like udon noodles, sliced whole bread, bananas, and juice and cooked it up at Nakamura Hostel (where we started the day).

Once finished, we chatted with other travelers for a bit before booking it back to the train station and catching a ride east toward Osaka.

A great thing about hostels is that, usually, there's a "free" bin where other travelers leave behind unused groceries. Today we had some extra tofu to add to our udon, so thanks to whoever that was!

En route to the train station in the downtown Umeda area, we caught a glimpse of a path leading toward what looked like a temple.

We took a spontaneous turn at Taiyuu Temple

Taiyuu Temple map displaying the whole campus.

Taiyuu Temple map displaying the whole campus.

Tucked away along the street and largely unadvertised was the Taiyuu Temple. Kannon relics sat among the garden as the familiar scent of incense and candles wafted into the air.


We stepped into mindfulness before the Taiyuu Temple


Walking into this courtyard, we saw a boy sitting under the bell directly across from the temple. He sat, ear plugs in, motionless to his environment.

We weren't sure what to think of it.

He looked so serene and in the moment, but oblivious at the same time. Perhaps he was in a meditative state. After all, we could feel his energy radiating from his still body. 

Being here in this moment, we could see how practicing mindfulness and meditation in Japan would be ideal. Surrounded by temples and nature, one may be frequently reminded to quiet the mental chatter and seek stillness within. Maybe this guy was on another level entirely; or perhaps using guided meditation.


We learned that Taiyuu-ji had been reconstructed several times following destruction from the siege of Osaka in 1615 and then WWII in 1944. Although the temple had been rebuilt several times, the Kannon goddess statue had remained unscathed, even to this day.


Made way to our last stay in Japan at Air Hostel


Upon arrival to the hostel, we met two guys on the road packing a large wooden frame into the back of a van. Talking with them, we learned that they were actually building a bed. Turns out that was an employee at the hostel, and he wanted somewhere to sleep to be on time for work. That’s either dedication or extreme saving right there!

We got our very first room to ourselves here, unknowingly. A full tatami matted room and AC—if this isn’t the way to end a brilliant trip in Japan, we don’t know what is. Maybe the rest that we were about to have, because we were tired and ready for bed.

How much did we spend traveling in Osaka?

Food: ¥2828 / $24.83

Transport: ¥920 / $8.06

Lodging: ¥1098 / $9.64

Sightseeing: $0

Other: $0

Total: ¥4831 / $42.51

Did we make our $40 budget in Osaka today?

Erm... yes, close enough.

We didn't have to eat as much as we did, but the food here in Osaka is definitely something to try out while here. They don't call it the "nation's kitchen" for nothing!

With this being our last full day, we're trying to maximize it without breaking the budget. It seems we did okay.

To see how we do tomorrow, be sure to follow our FB page or IG to see more.

Thanks for all of your support. We sure do appreciate it!