How to Travel Japan On A $40 Budget - Day 3

Can you travel Japan on just $40 a day? We have 1 month in Japan to figure that out. Follow our blog to see how we travel Japan on a tight budget.

Where are we today?

Enoshima, Japan.

Just south of Tokyo by an hour train ride, we met the coast with an island of shrines and Japanese beach vibes.

Where to stay in Kamakura or Enoshima?

Originally we wanted to stay near Kamakura, but the prices were too steep for our budget.

Instead, we stayed a night at the Enoshima 134 Guesthouse, which was the cheapest option in a great spot for easy train access.

If you're looking for a quiet and comfortable stay in the Enoshima area, we definitely recommend the aforementioned hostel.

What did we explore today?

Kotokuin Temple and Kamakura Daibutsu


Upon entering the Kotokuin Temple plaza, we were greeted by an enormous Amida Buddha statue. It sat calm and peacefully as tourists and locals swarmed the plaza taking photos and jumping about.

Meigetsuin Temple

Main attraction at the top

Main attraction at the top

Near the back

Near the back

We then visited the Meigetsuin Temple. It was quaint and peacefully tucked away from others, with not a whole lot going on. It was still a nice area to walk around, but perhaps our expectations were set higher because we had to pay an entrance fee.

However, we think it was not worth the price in comparison to what else lies in the area. Since we came out of our way to view it, we bit the bullet on the price, but we recommend visitors go elsewhere.



Afterward, we went to see the Hasedara Temple located nearby. Famous for housing an eleven-headed statue of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy, this particular temple attracts countless visitors throughout the year.

As with most temples, there is no photography allowed inside, so we weren't able to snap photos of the statue. We can say though, that if you're in the area, visting this temple is definitely a must!

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine


Koi fish swam in the ponds as the afternoon sun radiated upon the iconic Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. The shrine is not only the cultural center of the city, but also the geographical center as well, located near a nice walking path through the city that visitors can enjoy.

How much did we spend?

Food: ¥3047 / $26.93

Transport: ¥3220 / $28.46

We had loaded some extra cash onto our train cards, which drove our expenditures up for the day. Since we didn't use all of the money on the card, it will still be adequate to provide transport for the next couple days, therefore averaging out costs.

Lodging: ¥2926 / $26.00

Sightseeing: ¥500 / $4.42

Other: $0

Total: ¥9693 / $86.11

Did we make it today? 

A lot of moving around via public transportation, pricier lodging, and sightseeing expenses inflated our budget to more than double of what we had intended. As to whether or not we adhered strictly to our budget for the day, the answer is no.

We plan to slash costs whenever possible to drive our budget back down to baseline and will keep you all updated on our progress. 

Check back in tomorrow to see how we do!