Why The Hardest Choices Are Our Only Choices

When we think of our hardest choices, the first thought is of suffering. Being put into the spotlight, with nowhere to run or hide, we teeder-todder between extreme after extreme. These are the changes that disrupt our flow, our current way of life. A grueling emotion sets in during the moment that we must face the inevitable. All one needs to do is muster up the courage to achieve into the beyond, yet the mind drifts elsewhere. Anywhere but there! Return to me, my haven of illusionment!

We all know truest to ourselves that staying in the groove of comfort gets us nowhere. Walking the same pace, carrying out our daily lives with the same patterns, we grow old and wary without positive change. Our bodies slowly decline in a manner we can predict. No suprises, no fork in the road. Our eyes begin to sag, skin wrinkles, and hair topples to the very soil we set foot. What comes easy leads to inevitable mastery, yet mastery leads to stagnancy beyond its repetitive focus. To remain under growth we must seek the next challenge: the hard choices.

If we are to upgrade our lives, if we seek beyond our current stasis, then we must face novelty with an iron fist. Take the next step forward in the direction of your dreams, transforming a fuzzy impression in your mind into a concrete change. It'll be hard to leave the soft and smooth zone of comfort; It begs and pulls you into a slumber. Resist! Difficulty is growth; struggle, improvement.

We could all decline and submit to our pleasures in this sensate world, though you know the end of it: nothing becomes of it! Keeping up our nutrition is a daily fight, combating against our nature's core intent vs the learned alternatives. When we get hungry, we drool to the idea of sugary and fatty snacks, but it is nutrition that we so desire underneath it all.

We feel the need to justify our cravings immediately with quick snacks and diversions. The hardest decision is quite the contrary: the simplest. We know we desire nutrition, so we must wait till we may obtain it. We don't sacrifice our ideal of greater health when ultimately anything else would set us apart. However it is the grind of gears working within each and everyone of us, where ideas and thoughts collide for how we should eat, work, or play, that we define ourselves by taking the hardest path.

The simple and easy path is merely having no path at all! You drift aimlessly and never meet your mark. Forging the change you deeply desire is drawn from your most resisted comfort, breaking way for the hard choices. If anything, the easy denotes the very animalistic essence of our species. We drive on impulse, and nothing else. It's your choice. Be the animal, or be the living ideal you envision yourself as.