Taking Shortcuts With Mentors

Time is of the essence. Therefore on the conservation of our energies, we must find the ways in which to cut corners. While there are unfathomable contingencies one may take, mentors are indispensable. How do we get started?

Find a Mentor on Your Path

Looking towards our ideal, we find individuals ahead or nearest our destination. Mentors then, are shortcuts. They may have the knowledge beyond your time, and may guide you when off trail; becoming a north star.

With the galaxy full of potential beacons, you don't want shortcuts from someone that's on a different path than you; else, you're taking the long way; lost and aimless, you run in circles to find the right path.

Diverting time and attention wastes our vital essences that we've committed to reforging in facing death, so make sure you find the right mentor, the first time. Now after you find a potential mentor on your path, what do you look for?

A Mentor Should Possess Divine Attributes

On our quest to an ideal self, our mentors are the inhabitants of the divine: those living fully, in the moment, radiating in their brilliance. Our interactions guide us in a direction of their upbringing, unleashing hidden connections to their livelihood and cultured attitudes. In our adaption, we must reflect on whether inheritance of their approach is truly beneficial towards our aims.

Pick A Mentor Wisely

Just because someone is on our path, doesn't entitle them to be our mentor. They must embody the strengths we want to learn, and become. Anyone can masquerade as a wholesome individual, so remain skeptic and discern their true motives.

If they fall flat on the inner qualities we strive for even while they maintain an image we seek, we must rid ourselves of them.

It's your life that matters, and it starts with honing in your perception: any knight can wear armor, but not everyone is your knight in shining armor.

Mentoring Is Independent

We can't have a mentor that is dependent on us, nor we dependent on them. We live our own lives, and onward towards disparate destinations. As we meld together and shape our future, we must remain ourselves. 

Be aware to the differences you share. In opposition, you may learn, or push forward in your path. Don't lose your direction when they go the other way. 

Detaching From Mentors

There comes a time in all events whence they began: the end.  After accumulating a change of self, we harvest what is left and move on. But it doesn't end here.

We Are Mentors For Others

Mentors become us, for they are us. Don't forget who you are, and the impact you make in this world.

Mentors are a complex system. We merge within another in time, taking years to learn in a continual shaping process. Shortcuts then, aren't so short after all.

Being one of the largest challenges to face, you can't culivate the transition without diligence in pursuit of a higher self. One must be self-organized to overcome the barrier of themselves, and ultimately share the wealth of their circumstances. Let this be you: another star in the galaxy, lighting way for your path.