Yin and Yang

Life. The consistent ebb and flow of the world in and around us. Twisting and turning, our reality transforms and contorts to comform with our vision every day. Through minor subtleties, change is enacted ever so minutely; occasionally, we are met with tumultuous pitfalls and enormous feats- the loss of a loved one, or the acquisition of a long sought-after opportunity we experience, for example. When such powerful occurrences happen, life as we know it is warped before our very eyes. 

If you're old enough to read these words, chances are you've experienced some of the above scenarios. Some days, it seems the world is against us and we are moving against the grain in our actions, sparing all our energy and effort to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Other days, our synchronization with the universe is unbelievable; we flow through our daily practices with ease like a leaf in the wind.

It is expected in life that we are to have our fair share of good and bad days. Both are absolutely essential, and one does not reign supreme over the other; they coexist to educate us in their own unique ways. It is a fair assumption that for every "good" day we have, a "bad" one is right around the corner. This is not a pessimistic outlook; rather, a realistic one. You can only be at the top for so long until you visit the bottom again. Awareness of this strengthens our humility. Likewise, if you are at the bottom, you will not be there forever. This simple fact reinstills hope on our gloomy days.

Understanding that you cannot have light without darkness or sunshine without rain is crucial into our journey toward mindfulness. When you recognize the ebb and flow of the universe, you can't help but feel lighthearted and giggle, for this unpredictable series of switchbacks is that which defines our very presence on this planet.