How much is enough?

A straightforward question that dictates the circumstances which we navigate through the maze of our very existence, from our location on this planet, to our career choices, and our daily habits and rituals. Our proposition of an ideal life is conceived in our imagination, which dictates our motives. If we can answer the above question honestly, then we can move forward in determining the route to live to our fullest.

For a lack of more genuine phraseology, the world truly is your oyster. When you recognize that you can literally accomplish whatever task you put your mind to, the options are endless and stretched far beyond the horizon. It's common to fantasize of a life with an abundance of material pleasures, an enormous bank account, great respect and admiration from your friends and followers, and the typical lifestyles of the rich and famous. All of the glamour and luxury portrayed by these icons is not necessary to live a jubilant, effervescent life.

That's where the simple concept of gratitude comes into play. Not wanting what we don't have, but wanting everything we do have. Being appreciative for everything in your life, whether good or bad, and taking ownership of it. For our struggles, misfortunes, and inner turmoil is that which strengthens us, and our pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction is that which purifies us.

All of the wonderful splendors we are able to witness throughout this lifetime are often overlooked- not for everyone, of course; but for a great deal of people. How is it that we could pass by nonchalantly, not pausing to admire the simple beauties and intricacies of everyday living? Perhaps we've become so focused on the pursuit of our goals that we neglect to appreciate our immediate surroundings. While it is essential to remain vigilant during our enterprise, it is imperative we hone in to our surroundings for ultimate long-lived satisfaction.

Creating an attitude of gratitude can benefit us in a plethora of ways. Taking a moment to ourselves to note everything we have to be appreciative of, whether that be via prayer, a simple journal entry, or even a thought, is an essential habit in our mindfulness journey. With this thought in mind, we can then begin- or continue- to acknowledge the pleasures we have all around us, and allow ourselves every once in a while to stop and smell the roses.