Why We Need To Rid Ourselves Of TV

From passive to active, we need to be making conscious choices for the information we absorb. TV is only one medium that many suffer the consequences of, followed by lethargic positions to view upon it. To take these next steps we look at why we must remove it from our lives.

It's Misguiding - Untargeted for Your Purpose

Media fulfilling the agenda of others is one way to disintegrate from yourself. By mindless exposure to what's generated from the screen, you're passive and lose track of your own determinations. You follow the action, taking none for yourself.

Advertisements Infect Your Worldview

With every ad placement you're imparting key facts, figures, pictures, and feelings into your mind's reservoir. These ideas spread into our everyday lives, adding onto the words of others in our play, and changing our root view of the world.

Where we may be ignorant, we replace it with new information made for the wrong reasons.  If we are to remain conscious, we must hand pick the qualities we favor, and not permit the ill-intent of ads pushing us to their product line smother us. Watching expands their focus, and not the one we need most.

Your Attention to Life Withers

You become lost in another world of falseness and unclarity, distracting you from the moment at hand. Even left as a background noise, it chips away at your focus and permeates the subconscious; or worse, you continue watching and cease to exist at all. Nothing could be more important than your life, rather than what's up on TV.

Degrades The Environment

All the parts and gizmos that make up a TV create so much waste for the environment; not to mention for our minds, too. Everything that can't be reused ends up sitting in abandoned warehouses for future generations, or takes the damage out on workers to break it down for what is usable. It's not helping anyone from any vantage point, now, or later.

Depletes Your Time And Money

Not only are you losing your most valuable asset-time-but money, too!  It's lose-lose. With nothing to gain, why bother? One could use their time in so many other ways, even living the kind of life you might encounter on TV itself.

Most of the time spent is on ads, scrolling bars, or even looking for something to watch. How much time do you spend flipping through channels just to find something? You're not hiding or distracting yourself from the TV, but your passiveness. Fix it by getting off and out into the world. Further indulgence adds to the problem, and coming out of watching TV hurts us more than before. Time for it to go.