Living a Fuller Life With 3 Daily Tasks

What we do each and every day matters. It can either be to our benefit in accumulation, or lead to our downfall. In our continual march to reaching our ideals, we must take a moment to reflect on the basic unit of our actions: the daily rituals we perform.

What shall we be doing each and every day? The answer is simple: 

  1. Daily reading/learning

  2. Daily meditation

  3. Daily journaling

For some that may be too simple. For others, not. What's important here is that our lives are no less than what we do. And it is in our doing that we must apply ample resources if we are to succeed. It's these moments that make up the smallest portion of our day, but drive our momentum. We cannot make progress without the constant improvement of ourselves, and it starts here.

Daily Reading/Learning

Reading is like falling into a spell. You enter into the world of another, experiencing an ego-death of sorts by transcending current ideas and yourself. Leaving them at the door, the process of change may occur. It's in this time that we readjust our focus and priorities, realizing: without effort in learning, we take no steps.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the illumination of your own doing. Unlocking your potential, all entries appear, signposts everywhichway.

Daily Meditation

While a word with many associations, take a simple form of mindfulness. We are mindful of ourselves, relation to others, and how to fulfill a greater purpose beyond just us. We reflect on what we learn, or yet haven't. There is always a middle ground, and mindfulness is it's center.

To be aware, is to be mindful. To be open, is mindful. It may get us hurt, but rewards us with a prosperous journey and opportunity to gift ourselves with authenticity. Your core is here, and in absence, chaos ensues. Be centered. Be grounded. Be mindful.

Daily Journaling

Journaling sets our transition to stone. Its the binding force of our reconfigured self. Writing our thoughts down is the way to know who we are, where we have been, and where we are headed, setting the tone for our daily pursuits.

There must be an end to a beginning, a start to a finish, so we journal to turn ourselves full circle. For further interest, we discuss it further here: 6 Benefits of Journaling Everyday . To begin, start by getting a journal. Make it a habit of  writing everyday, from what you're thinking to what you'd like to become. It helps us to track our life plans when we cannot see it inside the mess of our minds. Get it down on paper, and know that you're making progress. It can be as simple as a sentence here or there, or full-blown paragraphs--whatever works for you.

I'm sure you'll have more dailies, so feel free to share! We'd love to hear your thoughts and how you choose to live a fuller life.