Our idea of self improvement is recaptured as self-renewal, and we'll go into specifics herein. The betterment of oneself in this case can be viewed in three disparate ways: indulgent, generating, and self renewal.


Efforts made to improve oneself and oneself only. This focus radiates its strength in independence. Bringing attention to what one is doing, thinking, and feeling, allows one to observe themselves at a distance. Impersonal and detached in ones viewing, they discover themselves from inside out. This is the first stage of our being. As a default we monitor only our role in the flux of life, giving no thought to the outer world in its seeming unconnectivity. What we do gain, is a harmonized consistency. Always on the lookout for what's relevant to our closest needs, we continue a cycle of temporary fulfillment. Limited in scope by not fully embracing the world, the object of this stage is protection. In the end, self-indulgence leads into isolation. To move into the next stage one must escape their own limitations and move from isolation into the real world by internalizing an open mind for indifference.


The second stage is the time in our life that we shift our thoughts into action beyond ourselves. By overcoming our short sightedness, we create and bring joy to our interaction with others. The object is to cultivate a gradiation between the inner and out worlds. Instead of a black and white palette, color breathes life into our pursuits. Every step and action is taken with a reference for totality. We bring with us the capability linked from our indulgence and translate results for others. Driven to see a new horizon of perception, we experience the plethora of indifference to ourselves and adapt to new circumstances. Ultimately the stage of change and connection. What is generated springs forth from personal involvement in the livelihood of another. Not of self-indulgence but other-indulgence. In causing the development of the outer world, we often ignore ourselves as a self-sacrifice. Amending to external events, we reshape ourselves to fit into shapes unknown to us. It is here where we lose connection with our core and values, becoming a mix and match of myriad choices that push us astray.


With this, we suggest a third stage. After one indulges into themself, and steers into the outer world to generate results for others, we come to the act of self renewal: the continual process of inner change, gifting ones learning to others, and remaining within the scope of this process. It's a commitment to change, forward thinking, and gifting our greatest strengths for the benefit of all (ourselves included). Any moment is a time for our attention. We act on the best interest of all, encompassing values beyond ourselves. Into this sacred place we persist towards the pursuit of changing our mindset to remain open and aware. It's in our fixation for positive experiences, and avoidance from the negative that we forget our real intentions in striving for an ideal. We must rise to every occasion with balance, and intent. Henceforth, let us declare to commit to go all the way and gift ourselves, and reach our ideals in the process.