Expedition Among The Stars - A Spiritual Retreat

This time, our wandering takes us to a transition of retreat. In preparation for a long voyage out to sea within the next few days, the separation of daily tasks and work needs balancing with a new addition of spiritual nourishment. To reclaim our vitality before our next expenditure, it felt only appropriate to extend our journey to the mountains. 

What better place, than to take roots before the large and all mighty. Mountains are like waves of creatures, still and timely, changing shape and size as to remain in their place for generations. They all emulate their own character; some brothers, or sisters, joining forces to forge valleys that become the resting place of rivers and lakes, bestowing the entry for all living beings to relish under their divine presence. They guide us to our natural paths, and protect us from shear winds and shade us in time of blazing heat.

For our trip, not just any mountain would do, it had to be Iron Mountain. Seeing that it stands tall within the region, it shares with us its spectacle in every direction. Lending it's path before us, we made haste up its spiny back on an expedition to greet our mother star as she wanders to sleep.

It's here in that we witness humanity at large. All the systems before us integrate seamlessly. Traffic and highways zapping light to major hubs, an extension of our feet and fore-fronted journey through our own eyes. All the constructs of man rise from the surface, towering over all but the tallest mountains. These fortresses of time and creation were crafted from the energy passed down from person to person, all on their own very unique journeys. It's in the intermingling that we form knowledge and may construct from it. We see that, we are time travelers. Our identity is of non-existence, the plight of our species aligned only through thought for those that dare think. Carrying with us our minds and all its intricacies, we build the fabric of space. 

We come back to our daily tasks, enriched with an experience that allows us to project the past, present, and future. Chunking down the knowledge of the elders and past generations, we carry the torch of humanity towards its next path. Renewed with purpose, we are restored to our humble beginnings.