Alcohol and Masculinty

Chug! Chug! Chug! 

Your friends yell and cheer you on as you gulp down another brew.

Glug! Glug! Glug!

You successfully downed another one, without puking or passing out! Good job, champ!

Sounds like another night out with the boys: see who could get the most intoxicated without spewing chucks or kicking the bucket. If you do either of these, you're a wimp!

At least that's what our peers tell us. Shut up bro, don't be a p***y!

So we listen to them, deep down knowing we are meant for more than this...


We've all heard it before, throughout our lives.

Don't give into peer pressure!

Drink responsibly!

All of the other slogans promoting the responsible consumption of, or abstinence from, adult beverages.

We would not tell ourselves that the reason we agree to participate in such events is for acceptance within our social group. After all, that kind of statement sure does take a blow on the ego. But it's absolutely true.

Here we are, back to square one. Another party with your friends and random people you've never met. The bottle is passed around and it's in your hands- what to do? Take a glug of the sharp, astringent liquor or politely decline the offer?


All cultures throughout the world posess their unique rite of passage for young men to transition into becoming an adult.

Mardudjara Aborigines partake in a circumcision ceremony, in which the foreskin from their genitalia is removed. They kneel over an open fire, so the flame can rise up and purify their wound, while chewing upon their foreskin flesh that was removed by other men.

A young Spartan, as a means of becoming a man, would undergo a rite of passage known as krypteia. He would be sent out with only a knife; the objective being to kill as many state-owned slaves as possible and return back without getting caught. Upon completion, he would be expected to marry and continue to kill for the state as a warrior.

The Sambia people of Papau New Guinea have an intense ritual that they partake in, taking upwards of 15 years to fully complete. At a very young age, boys are separated from their mothers and are moved into all-male huts. The young boys undergo brutal hazing rituals, such as getting pointy sticks shoved up their nostrils until they bleed profusely. Homosexual activity and the consumption of semen by the young boys is mandatory, as it is believed to possess the "masculine spirit". After such activities are performed, only then can these boys be considered men.

In a more modern sense, fraternities offer a unique variety of hazing rituals in which you could earn acceptance among the group if you complete absurd and dangerous tasks. Social pressure, and a desire to be deemed worthy by other individuals, leads to tons of people participating in these events, voluntarily or otherwise. Completion of these events successfully gets you "in" the group, bro!

These are just a few examples of the rituals practiced amongst the globe to transition from adolescence into adulthood. Today, a lot of those traditions are obsolete (minus the latter.) We make it to our 18th birthday, and voila, we're men now! Adults! Without undergoing any traditions or rituals, we are cast into the great big world with our mutated development. 


There we stand; a group of boys ready to embrace the world. No indoctrination of any kind whatsoever, besides the depiction of what we observe in person or via other external resources. The masculine character exists in all people; varied and inconsistent between all. Healthy and unhealthy representations of the masculine archetype are revealed in one's personality traits and daily actions.

Measuring one's masculinity by the amount of alcohol one can consume is preposterous, and a practice that needs to be eliminated.

Individuals that require illicit substances for an enjoyable time need to reevaluate their cirumstances. 

If you cannot control your alcohol, and become engraged, depressed, or have adverse thoughts, you do not need to be drinking alcohol. 

If the consumption of adult beverages interferes with your personal goals and ambitions, endangers your family life, harms your career, or produces other negligible outcomes, you should think twice before taking a swig.

With this knowledge, we can strive for fullness and complete development of the masculine energy, and this should be our exact motive in an effort to unleash the warrior within. Understanding the mature, healthy masculine character grants us a guideline to follow to take charge of our own potential. Discarding unhealthy habits in exchange for more productive ones is an absolute necessity.


True warriors in their fullness possess a noticeable alpha male mentality. This does not mean they are arrogant and conceited; rather, quite the opposite. Traits recognized include confidence, competitiveness, a strong and domineering presence, physical and mental fortitude, and the lack of requiring external validation, to name a few. In other words, what every man strives (or should strive) to be.  This is the polar opposite of a drunkard who, after knocking back some brews, flips on a tough-guy switch and proceeds to provoke and agitate others for irrelevant reasons. One who allows a substance to posess and control their mentality is hopeless, and weak. Do not forfeit control of your mind if you hope to be a warrior- and especially do not let your worth be evaluated by the amount of alcohol you drink. 

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