Why Become A Fruitarian?

For starters, a fruitarian is one who consumes mainly fruit. Just mix in some nuts, and other veggies to supplement your bodily needs.

Of course, it implies a regularity and not just a sparse trial. Many of us follow the patterns of society and what food was placed before us. Having not much thought about it, we simply forget about other options.

Condiments cover up the nasty foods we eat, because they're not natural for us. Meat is provided to us through inhumane practices, and leaves behind a scar on the planet. So why fruit? Let's take a look.

Comes Prepackaged

Don't have to wrap fruit up in dead dinosaurs. We use the utensils we already possess (fingers and teeth), keeping things clean and down to the essentials. The plants that harbor fruit bear it for all to see. So there are no hidden truths, and you get what's before you. No need to modify or dress with spices and additional flavors, fruit is whole from the start.

Easily Eaten

No preparation is involved in most fruit. Those that do require it can be done with a single knife. But those tend to be fruit we don't need as much of. The fruit that we need to eat the most of often are the easiest to eat; think bananas, or mangos.

A quick bite and you're enjoying it's luscious flavor. You can tell by the touch whether it's good or not, and real food expires. If it doesn't go bad, do you really want to stick it into your body?

All Natural

Raw to the core, fruit is a part of this world. It aids the cycle of life by giving itself away, and returning back to the soil from which it came. Planting the seeds gives birth to more at no harmful cost to the environment. Better yet, you continue to bring growth and prosperity for living things, and others that may taste it's future bearings. Can also be made into a compost or garden, making its end a renewable source. 


There's no question to the joys of eating fruit. Thinking of a ripe peach, you can easily imagine the soft skin around your finger tips. Bringing it to your nose, a light aroma of a fuzzy feeling. Then the bite: juicy and fresh.

Now imagine a horse. It's free flowing hair in the wind, elegant strength within its herd. Do you salivate at the naked sight of one? Can you catch one and bite into it? When was the last time you saw anybody snag a horse by the throat and dig in? How about a turtle? Try breaking that shell over a coconut. But fruit does all of this for us. Even a kiwi with such an odd body, conjures up it's sweetness and sharp acidity (and yes, you can eat the skin).

Smooth Digestion

No more smelly farts from bacteria breaking down what we can't process. Fruit is jam packed with fiber that helps to move our food throughout our body at ease. Everybody poops, and the healthiest poops can be achieved with more fruit.

Where To Start? 

Fruit is simply one of the right ways to go. No matter the pros or cons, fruit is an integral part to living a healthier and more conscious life.  When we feel good, we can enter the world with a flair and discover our potential. 

For more information on the background and cultivation of fruit into our diet, read 80/10/10. It's a brilliant book that will answer many, if not all your immediate questions. 

The 80/10/10 Diet
By Douglas N. Graham