Why Optimism Leads A Better Life

When we think of optimism, it's sort of a no-brainer. But what is it really? Some think of an unrealistic child, unknown to the material world of order and limitations. For others, it's seeking the best in all things; the world, curious and virtuous, setting the scene of an exciting adventure. Of course we'll pursue the latter!

Seeing Possibilities Makes Them True

Without persevering by uplifting our thoughts, we slam shut all doors and throw away the key. That's the end of it. We give up at every turn, seeing the worst in things if not to completely disregard even trying. That can't possibly be the life we shall strive to create.

Knowing there's room for another idea, no matter how slight, gives us an edge to push forward. We keep going, and going. In the end, we achieve what we set out for. In our short defeats, we discover new gifts to receive, never regretting the destination we come to. Every moment then becomes an act of gratitude. We can feel enriched by our experience, and not drained from it.

Kindness For One And All

You're not the rain on everyone's parade. You become a spark of joy that lights up everyone's faces. Every dark path is an opportunity to display your light, ever so brightly. Imparting your pure strength of will overcomes all short term obstacles, letting you live presently, and inspire one another for a prosperous future of novel ideas. In construction of a softer environment, the energy you put out is returned, and ever so gently raises you beyond your own capabilities.

Generosity Surges

The excess you had, gone. Grounded to necessity, you have much to share. Forging a minimalistic life, value ingrains itself in all things beyond the concrete and physical. We relate to our minds eye, and the minds of the living.

We have more to give when we look towards the future, in knowing things will pan out no matter what.  We are no longer slaves to ourselves, and break the shackles for others.


There's no end to the heights you can reach when all limits are removed. Crank up the volume, life's vibrancy plays at max. Every moment is cut away for our play and entanglement. We cultivate an understanding in our expanse of learning, returning with heightened empathy and mindfulness. In knowing we can live a more fuller life, we do.