Living Fully Through Mindfulness And Travel

As it is apparent to be our slogan as of yet, we'd like to explicate the reasoning behind it. While simple as it may be, there's three elements that can't be simplified further; that is, the triage of Living Fully, Mindfulness, and Travel.

Why living fully is important

Living is to continually breathe life into your daily endeavors. To embrace life fully, we cannot slack in our attainment of a higher purpose; that would entail an empty life. By giving up, we commit mental suicide and end all things. That can't be the right way. In living fully, we idealize our future self, and the impact we shall create. It's all about presence, and making sure that we stay animated in a greyed out world of sloths and drifting individuals. There's much to do on this planet, and we must get started; else, persist on our current course towards our highest purpose. Now, and not later, we act, for it's in our veins and infused into our being.

To live fully is to dream big. By visualizing what's important, we conjure any possibility within our view. Everything becomes tangible in our path of application, and so it will be. This is our passion: the kick-starting force of our intent. All of our actions stem from this drive, and so it's value lies at the end of our thoughts. If they aren't aligned truthfully and with purpose, then we are devoured by the living as we step aside.

Mindfulness alone isn't enough

Mindfulness doesn't imply direct action. Hence, we have the need to live fully as support. If living fully is our reasoning and passion, then mindfulness is our awareness of the moment. We instill in ourselves the observer, detaching from this world and taking everything in with skepticism and acceptance. There should be no projection behind our view, for we see what is, and not what we wish to see.

Mindfulness grounds us. By seeing where the world is, we may place ourselves in it. To dream without a connection to this planet, we float away into distant stars and distractions of flickering light. The universe is inconceivably massive. To lose ourselves in the midst of it, all passion for living lies dormant in an ever fleeting idea, and never manifests into reality.

Travel without living fully or mindfulness is void and flat of color.

As we discussed about in more detail at What's Travel?, traveling is essentially novelty. We need travel to apply what we have residing within. In our journeys to various destinations beyond our comfort zone, we may share and instill our learning and values elsewhere. Otherwise we remain as we are, to become less of what we could be as stagnancy tears us apart. 

Travel without mindfulness would be to indulge in selfish desires by degrading your life and that of others. Doing things for the sake of being new, and different, would starve the earth of its natural resources. All purpose is then lost; our passion escapes our grasp. The vital energy and time you do have, is wasted towards finding paths to take, just because you now fear walking the same path.

The only true voyage would be not to travel through a hundred different lands with the same pair of eyes, but to see the same land through a hundred different pairs of eyes.”

          — MARCEL PROUST