Becoming One Of The Same

We're all human. So why then, do we not act like it? We distance ourselves from one another, putting up a farce as if we're alone in this moment of time. But we have more than that.

What Does It Even Mean To Be Human?

We forget the part we play in all this: the connection to a greater picture than what lies before us. While we are beings of sentience that follow altered paths, we share a common walk along the earth's crust. In this pursuit we shall realize our actual stance on all things.

We're All In This Together

No matter the struggle, we've all shared the common pain of experience one shape or another. Knowing a friend or acquaintance who has done this or that, we'll surely come full circle on the same circumstances in time.

As we progress through life, we meet fugacious characters that impact our lives. Taking what's given, we can choose to alter ourselves with new knowledge, or deny the change; still we carry out an eternal flame from person to person, creating the breath of humanity. We give ourselves shape and form, by combining shared experience into a conhesive whole.

The whole then informs its populace, swirling around and around, mixing all the qualities we put out into the world. Knowing what we do has an effect on everyone, our actions are imparted with a transcendent intent. It's no longer me vs them, but us vs everything. A new power is forged, of purpose and support. 

By understanding our common means of interpreting the world, and how we may come together when facing challenges beyond the individual, we become a force stronger than unconscious drifting leads us to believe. 

No More Boundaries - Why Limit Yourself To Countries?

There is no duality; we are everyone, and everyone is you. We each share the earth from birth till death, doing what we will and will not, collectively creating our future.

We come together and share ideas, but sometimes we stick to our own. We don't allow foreign creeds and notions to penetrate our minds, for we stick to what's familiar. This is no good if we seek to live consciously.

We must be prepared to overcome selfishness by staying open, changing to the need of the realm. We are segregated by false identities, so we must not assume them to have control over ourselves. To interpret all things as a whole, our perspective shifts in the direction of prosperity; else we dig ourselves into an inescapable hole.