A Note On Self-Awareness

It Begins With You

A major element in our journey toward mindfulness, if not the most important, is self-awareness. Being aware of who we are allows us to pursue activities that align with our goals and perspective, and avoid those that don't. Once you know what you're all about, you can eliminate all factors that pull you every which way and focus on the important things. Such a skill takes endless hours of effort and attention, but with the right attitude, it can be accomplished. 

It's crucial to take notes on our behavior, daily thoughts, and to analyze our core strengths and weaknesses. By identifying them we are available to give our gift to the world in the most wholesome way possible. Figuring out our strengths and weaknesses allow us to capitalize on the stuff we are good at and disregard the areas we lack skill and expertise. Most individuals who have risen to substantial levels of success, as we label it, excel in only one or two key areas. They simply understand what they are already good at, and work to become great- versus working to go from bad to mediocre. We too can emulate such characteristics.

Start now with some questions:

  1. In what environment do you perform best? What is your optimal work environment? (From seating, to lighting, possible distractions)
  2. Are you a natural-born leader or follower? (Be honest. Some people are better at receiving orders than issuing them)
  3. Do you perform best by yourself, with one other person, or a larger group? 
  4. What areas do you lack skill or knowledge?  (Ex. Social skills, marketing)
  5. What makes you tick? What makes you happy? 

The most important question of all - what's your why? Why are you doing all this? To provide for your kin, perhaps? Maybe build a legacy? 

Taking a few minutes to answer these questions will allow you to perform optimally in any given area. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What we are preventing is wasted time and resources, and maximizing our efforts in turn.

For a brief read on the subject matter, check out the book below. 

Live Mindfully

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