Poly-Wander (n.)


Polywander infuses poly and wander to reflect the many paths toward mindfulness.

What Is Mindfulness?

Our minds wander off in many directions searching for an answer, only to meet dissatisfaction at every twist and turn. This is because we’re bringing our attention to the future or past, which do not exist.

What if you took this moment to simply stop?

Now where are you? Simply here, now, in this present moment (all that there truly is).

It’s the most simple discovery you first intellectualize, then to experience its true power as you reveal the Self behind everything; that is mindfulness, or as well may call it, awareness.

It's a grand shift in our life by becoming aware to the experience of your body, mind, and spirit, at every waking moment. To live without judgement or expectation frees ourselves from constraint and opens our self limiting boundaries.

As we live mindfully in our own lives, we share its wisdom in hope of supporting your personal transformation.


3 Ways to #Getmindful

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  2. Boost your morning rituals

  3. Meditate by yourself or through guided meditation

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